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Hi all, The above address will take you to the message of 9-9-9 and the intent for all of us to meditate together as one on September 9, 2009.

Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

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Global Psychics has received quite a few letters over the past few months concerning the use of Ouija boards. I have included two consecutive letters from one of our website visitors attesting to the angst the Ouija board can cause. Ouija boards are not toys. They are not to be played with. They are a magical tool, and like any tool, can do as much harm as good. The Ouija board has a rather… Continue

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Dare To Ask

Notes on connecting with your angels and making miracles

To make miracles we need only dare to ask. There are legions of angels - physical and Divine - all around us, just waiting to help us create what we want in life. There is only one condition to their help.... we must ask for it.

What do you want? right now? next month? next year? in 5 years? Can you say, specifically what your goals are in life? If you can, you are one of the rare few who has the courage to make a… Continue

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Are You Missing Out On Miracles?

By Cate Cavanagh

When you think of the word miracle what do you think of? Do you associate this with Our Lady of Lourdes? Surviving a catastrophe? The ill being healed? A sunrise? A full moon? The grace of being able to live your life with contentment no matter what? Or do you associate it with something you will never experience?

If you believe you will never experience a miracle or that you never had one you will not have a miracle but be mired down with doubt or… Continue

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