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Meditate to Connect

At its most basic level, connecting with spirit is a simple matter of tuning into the frequency of the spirit with whom you want to communicate, like dialing to the right station on the radio. Meditation makes it possible to find that frequency and then to open the communications.

Spirits can communicate with us through our 5 inner senses:

  • Clairvoyant --clear inner seeing
  • clairaudience---clear inner hearing
  • clairsentience---clear inner…

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The Past in the Present

At the moment of birth we open a brand new chapter in our soul's history... some folks believe this one life is, in effect, the whole book, that this one life is all there is to the story of who we are, have been and will be. But energy doesn't die, it simply transforms. The life force that enlivens our bodies is still very much alive after our bodies go.

As we enter the planet each time we incarnate, a veil drops, we are offered a fresh start... conscious memory is limited to the…


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Ministro de Celebrações Solenes " Barítono ".

Marcos Limoli { LinkedIn }

Diplomacia e Protocolo.

República Federativa do Brasil.

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