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What Does Being Psychic Mean?

Hi there, Phil the astrologer here,

What defines a psychic? Is it just extreme mental training?

I don’t think it’s really possible to define what being psychic is – it just is – at least for me it is. As soon as you try to define anything it gets destroyed, meaning that it can’t become anything else. A huge…


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Who, or What Drives the Tarot

Is there a tarot genie that controls the number of shuffles or the cards you pick and can you change your destiny?

In a sense, there is a kind of Tarot genie, but not the way you are suggesting in your question. The Tarot is magical. It is more than a tool for divining the future. There is an energy to the cards that tells me there are ancient spirits that are connected with the Tarot, working with the reader to help them sense the…


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Intuition the language of the Soul Otherwise Known As Your Spirit

Intuition otherwise known as the language of the spirit, if you are a empath you know exactly what I mean, and maybe not because you know it from reading or learning about it but because you have the gift of tactic knowing. But for the rest of you how may not know what I am talking about intuition is the way our higher self our spirit body speaks to us. Many times it is known the gut feeling.
When the lines of your intuition are able to communicate easily and freely we are working our…

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