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Here is one beautiful stone, whose orange translucense is simply luscious. The ancient Egyptians were very keen on this stone and you will see many of their artifacts and jewelery made out of it. It was a very popular stone during the Art Deco period. Carnelian is making a come back as an "in stone". LL&L, Christopher Ree…


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For Psychic Kids, Teens and Their Families

Inviting all of you to listen in to Ask A Psychic on the Ask1 network Wed evening, 8 PM Eastern Time when Robin Marvel will join me to talk about her work with psychic children. We have a lot to say on this topic, so I have also posted a batch of articles on this very important subject in our website blog:…


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I just got back from Costa Rica. I will be posting pix as soon as I have finished editing the shots. Here is this week's gemstone. Enjoy.


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A incredible shift is about to take place

I believe it is my spirit that is off balance that is why I struggle with my emotions, Some psychics say i will become master over my emotions, i wonder before i finish the box of peanuts, which came after the ice cream bar but before the cookie with whipped cream. I find our behaviors and emotions so strange but genius .And better yet are cures and transformation's are full of magic and fantasy like and wonder!
I would be honored, if everyone in this club would one day be a part of my…

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Cycles, Maps of the Great Earth Changes

The spiral of life is changing here on Planet Earth, and as she has every other time, Mother Earth shifts her weight in response to the changing times… scary for some, but natural, all the same… yet, if you’re willing to embrace the change, it simply represents another step in our evolution – and an opportunity for personal growth. The maps in the book Cycles show the planetat various times in our evolution, both past and future. They remind us of how civilizations have…


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Psychics in the World of Business

You may well ask yourself what these two, apparently diverse paradigms, have to do with each other. One, the area of the psychic seems subjective, "New-Agey", perhaps consulting a psychic is what you do to entertain yourself on a whim! A perk for clients and staff, alongside the annual Christmas party. And then there’s the world of business: hard facts, bottom line objective data, cold decisions. However, these two worlds may not be as far… Continue

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Hi all, I will be in Costa Rica for the next 2 weeks, so I will only occasionally be checking my emails/blogs. Michael & Teresa will be hosting the radio show, "The Portal" on The Mix Talk.com network. Gemstone of the Week will resume upon my return. I will bring back some interesting stories for you all. Be good to each other. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree… Continue

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Hi all, Here is the gemstone of the week, Chrysoprase.

Hi all, This apple green stone holds all the attributes of jade, adventurine, and even turquoise. The crystalline form of this stone is very powerful. Its densest form can look very similar to turquoise, and is often mistaken for it. Enjoy this stone. Ask for it at your local gem shop. Love, Light, &…

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Here is the gemstone of the week. Enjoy!

Hi all, Smoky Quartz is a beautiful stone. It is just as its name claims,… Continue

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