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Getting to know the angels.....

Those of us over here who have been fighting a severe illness together have been fighting the good fight. My goodness, how it has been a fight to get through all of this. But we have been getting to know the angels. As we have been getting to know the angels we have been gaining health and strength. Every single conversation, every single understanding....we have been seeing them work with us in a huge battle against the disease that we have been trying to heal. My oldest daughter has seen…


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Please help me with a dream interpretation??????

Hi and Happy new year lol......it has been awhile since I last logged on. 


I had a wonderful and vivid dream of my mother whom is no longer physically here on this earth, she knocked on my front door (it is late morning or early afternoon), I opened it she was smiling she had returned from a holiday, (with her was a man, one that was not familiar to me......i did not see his face, he was not a threat to me, but he was bringing her home to…


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Why I am here

I have heard from my grand mother that most of my ancestors were interested in occult practices and the 4th veda .There were some books and palmleaves which came in to the custody of my uncle P.N.Menon.

He was not so educated but started predicting earth quakes and most of the predictions came true.Once I saw his photos all over the regional news papers.He even got letters from NASA .He is no more and I'm not sure what happend to the books

When I started my career as a teacher…


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The haunted house

It was in 2006 I was an English teacher in one of the Maldivian islands called Faaf Nilandhoo.

A muslim friend offered his cottage for such a cheap rent ,My colleagues tried to discourage me from renting that cottage as they believed that it is haunted,I never cared.…


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