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Past Lives

Hi, I just thoght that I would post a little something for those people out there who are intersted in learning more about their past. I think that we could learn a lot from our past lives. I have been exploring different ways of meditation and developing my own. I have found that when you put your self in to a deep trance. you picture your self in the first peice of scenery that comes to your mind. For me it is a castle surrounded my vast gardens and rivers. Then explore this…


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full body ghost

I just found out that my granddaughter can see not only the white mist, she can see a black one. Most of the time she will see a full body ghost. She can tell what it is wearing, color of hair,face expressions and if it is a man or lady. They do not say anything for now, just either walking or sitting. The lady ghost she has seen in the mirror sitting on the end of her mothers bed just looking at her. One morning she said she took out the trash, shut and locked the door. Her had was still on… Continue

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Why Master Telepathy?

It can be very useful to be able to get a message across telepathically. In the days before I had a cell phone, I counted on this ability. I recall one remarkable connection when my business partner and I were meeting off the highway, each coming from a different direction, each delayed by traffic and construction, neither knowing the other was also delayed. Fortunately we are both adept at getting strong telepathic messages through…. I kept telling her to meet me just…


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Pyrite is often called "Fool's Gold". It looks very much like gold, but of course, it

is not. It forms cubic crystals that are quite attractive. It is mainly

composed of iron and has a slight magnetic charge similar to hematite. Pyrite

is easily found in gem and mineral shops, and of course through… Continue

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On Your Own Again?

Suddenly it’s over… whether you have been together for years or for months, there is an emptiness in you, a hole in your heart… you dread the thought of starting over, yet you ache for love – or lack of… If you have children, life has suddenly become a lot more complicated, you have new roles to play, and you may not know how…

My friend J. recently ended a 25 year marriage with a good man, but unfortunately, alcohol was now getting the…


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Hi, This link will bring you to info on Labradorite. http://www.rainbowcrystal.com/crystal/gems/lab.html

Hi all, Labradorite is a most amazing stone. The way it reflects light is amazing. This is a…

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Medicine Wheel Tour

Hello friends if you would like to follow or check out what areas I will be in during the next few weeks please go to www.whitewolfenterprise.com.

I will be in

Seattle Feb 11-15

Phoenix Feb 16-22

St Louis Feb 22-25

Erie Pa Feb 26- March 2

New York City March 24-29

If you are in these areas and would like to connect with me please feel free to send me an email.…


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More sites and info

Hello all

It is wonderful to share space with others of like mind.

Here are a few other ning sites of like minded interests:




One of my business sites is www.whitewolfenterprise.com

The more we can all connect and build our community and share we can all grow and…


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Hi all, Chrysocolla is a turquoise look alike! It has the same wonderful color and pretty much the same degree of hardness, though a…

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Guiding Spirits

What is a Spirit Guide? How do I connect with my spirit guide? How can I get direction from my guides? How do I work with my guides? These are some of the most frequently asked questions when folks begin connecting with their innate spiritual natures. Before I offer some answers, however, it is important to understand that spirit work must be taken seriously, with the intent to develop and grow, to align yourself with your Highest Purpose.…


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Hi I read about stone agate on this blog (Christopher Rees) and I will look for this, the "stained glass" of stones. I do perceive that the word agate can be split into a / gate, and that's beautiful. With thanks, ruth

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Hi all, Moss agate is for me the stained glass of stones. A slice of moss agate in your kitchen window will bring you luck and prosperity. The light shines through it showing off the green tendrils that gives this stone its name. There are many kinds of agate, but this one is my favorite. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

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