Sorry I am new to this sight. I forgot to put my name on the discussion. I have excepted what I am able to know, but when I found out my daughter have the same thing it really hit home. I have talked to them about it and they are ok with it. They too have dreams, pass over an area and have a feeling of something has happened or someone is there and has passed away unknown to others that there body it there. I have been able to find someone that I have been looking for (that is living) just from a strange electric feeling I get when I pass an area.If I go too far past that area it go's away, I will go back and when I get that feeling I have found that person. I have been asked how I found them but sometimes it is hard for them to understand how.
The strange thing is when we can find an area of a person that has been killed before others know, this is just by passing an area. My daughters have asked me while passing over a bridge with water have any one ever found a dead person in the water there?, I told her you never know they might have or they just never have looked there. Then a few weeks later they found a young lady that had been murdered and put in the water with a weight of some kind. I just happen to be in the same spot that we past over and she asked the question. That is when I knew that she had the same feeling and events of knowing that I have.
Oh by the way, down below it has Tags. What is that for?.

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