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Can anybody help me with an odd scenario I have found myself dealing with please?

I have a client A who is connected to client B except they have never met, spoken or seen each other. Client A is very connected to client B and there are a high proportion of 'coincidences' which also link them. 

I have been reading for client A for about 6 months now and I see all sorts of things clairvoyantly about them both. However I have started having conversations with client B even whilst client A appears to be wide awake and aware of the chats.

I am NOT asking client B to do anything and am not violating their freewill (just wanted to be clear on that) but I have spoken to them about various matters which client A needs answers and validation on. We have had the validation through unrelated 3rd parties and other psychics who have confirmed what I have got or I have confirmed what they have been given so no delusions going on here!

I am told this is called weaving which I assume is similar to Dream Weaving, Native American I believe or Aboriginal? Anyway are there any members who know about Weaving or about similar situations as I have no clear understanding of how this works. If I said to client B 'I've sent you an email' on a conscious level would they be aware of this or would they maybe read the email and think 'odd, I knew this was here' or 'I knew the contents before I opened it'?

All input would be useful so don't be shy. If it does not resonate then that is the way it goes! Feel free to message me or FB me etc if you'd rather not comment publicly.


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Sometimes we have a role as go between's. but before I comment further, I nneed a better understanding... your note is a bit confusing... how is it that you are connecting with clint B while you are with A?

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