In some of the latest discussions,we notice the involuntary
But decided need to request the stages of meditation in order
To complete a spiritual journey.There is no standard method in meditation,
,there is your way that works for you.The approach is comparable
To the three stages of life and at which stage in your life
You envoke your dire spiritual need to transcend the level of
Conscious will and consciousness in order to place your being in
A position of central Divine Energy and progressive reciprocity.After
This point you no longer are being on earth but,autoethereal in regressive
Future past the point of entity birth.This point allows you to see
Your life without living it,you are no will return
In your own time soon after you have reached The Tri-State

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Absolutely, Artemio. Calling my meditation that I have been teaching a 2nd level heaven meditation could imply that upper level thinking is attained through stair steps. That each level has to be attained in a sequential order. However, it is not the case and I am glad that you are clarifying this. I also agree that there are many ways to prevent "triggers" from occuring in a case of past life, present life, and future life traumas by utilizing different forms of meditation. Reaching a peaceful autoethereal state of being able to see your life without living it is absolutely a phenomenal approach to gaining peaceful solutions or comforts to healing in such cases. I have also seen some meditations that utilize erasing the negative events. I actually hand out literature to different seminars to many different meditations that could be helpful to my students for the greatest benefits of personal healing. I don't believe that there is ever one absolute solution to anything. My studies upon these subjects have been based upon gleaning every single ounce of education that I can obtain by teachers all over the world.
Hello Sherri,thank You for your wonderful reply,it is not often that I receive you, the person that is writing, when I read replies.Sincere,Sensitive and Professional,a strong combination of rare Qualities.
Shortly,I will detail the Spiritual to Physical well Being Transformation from Pre to Post Natal to remove Mental Pleats- as I call them- in later cognitive life.Mental Pleats are Spiritually known events on the same plane of a persons life with diverse effects,the one will be on a conscious and the other on a sub-conscious plane.The healing is as if two paralells collided and remove the Mental-Pleat,bringing the person to sound consciousness.Mental and Physical differences that change the Spiritual order of our life are events of the past,we can and are changing peoples life.Regression is also a very powerfull healing but,it requires the logical changes in the thought process to be seamless,I will explain if required at a later stage.It has been very informative conversing with your kindself and I trust it would continue.Please excuse mistakes.

Kind Regards
Artemio Allegretti
I love the words that you use. Mental Pleats is a great way to convey exactly what is happening in the mind when we go through traumatic and stressful situations. I am facinated to hear your discoveries in this realm of mind healing. I really like the way that you explain that the thought processes have to be seamless. That was exactly the problem that I found in my regressive therapies. It was hard to come up with a good word to explain what I was trying to overcome. The benefits have been profoundly successful, however it is in the pleats where I have seen the problems surfacing. You and I have the same goals. It occured to me some time ago that my subconscience mind was not cohesively embracing the logic that the trance work and regression required. By the way "2nd heaven" was only the title of the chapter of the scroll we were using to look into the symbolic pictures from the language we were interpreting. So what you are presenting is absolutely the key to what I have been looking for in my study. I can't wait to hear your understanding and knowledge!!!

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