we're talking about manifesting miracles on our radio show tonight, so I am hoping folks will share their miracles with us

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Danielle... I had put this on another thread... and have just seen this one so have put it here instead...

I wanted to share what the word "Miracle" means too me... when I hear the word, I think of my 2 beautiful daughters... because both my daughters are here too tell the story of them both being miracles... you see; I was told at a very young age of 18 years old - that I could not have any children because of many problems that I had/have suffered from an early teenager... well as you can imagine - my heart was broke at the thought of not being able to have children, I often thought to myself "Why does God let people have children when so many of them poor children end up in care etc?" I even remember when my husband asked me to marry him... I said "Why would you want to marry me when I can never give you a child?" my husbands answer to that was "I love you and dont care if we never have children as long as we have each other"... (we are childhood sweethearts and have been together forever lol) anyway...

6 years passed on and we had decided on going for adoption... were supposed to go for our 1st meeting and guess what?? I found out I was pregnant with my eldest daughter now 13 years old a few days before we were to go for our meeting... talk about being scary though! We were sooo excited yet very frightened at the same time incase I miscarried... but I didnt and I went on to give birth to my daughter (OUR 1ST MIRACLE) then to go on and find out one week before my eldest daughter was 11 months old - OUR 2ND MIRACLE HAPPENED! Yes - I thought I was coming down with a flu lol thats some flu isnt it? To learn that I was again pregnant?

So I really just wanted to share this with you all and to let you all know that I have experienced not 1 but 2 beautiful miracles in my life and I know they exist as do my 2 daughters... I even remember writing into a magazine and my story got published! The reason I wrote in - was to give other women hope out in this world and to let them know that MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!

Love & Light xxx Karen :)
((((((Mon))))))) sorry for only getting to see this now my friend... thank you also for sharing your story and another beautiful miracle one! I too have lost 3 babies through miscarrages however although each time it happened - I was heart broken... when I look at my 2 daughters I thank God for giving them to me and also for them choosing their daddy and me for parents (I firmly believe we all choose before coming to this earth)...

From having this major surgery too - I find myself looking at my daughters a lot and keep thinking to myself "We are very, very lucky and they most certainly have grown into 2 very loving and caring girls" so once again Mon... many thanks for adding your story too...

Love & Light xxx Karen

goddess said:
Thats a beautiful thing to happen Karen, Thankyou for sharring your story with us.

yes i believe miracles do happen as well. I had 2 miscariages before i had my children, we didnt try again for a long time after our babies went back to god. When we decided to try again, i found i wasn't able to conceive even though we tried for a few years. We both went for tests, although my husband was told he had a low sperm count, it wasn't impossible to get pregnant we were told, weird i thought we already caught twice before. I had to take hormon tabs which had horrible side effects.

We were due for another appointment at the fertility clinic, i felt a bit weird then realized i was a bit late, went for a test and found i was having a baby, my son, you can imagine the joy cant you. I phoned the clinic to cancel our appointment, they were so happy for us. I went on to have my daughter after that. so was it a miracle i like to think so, perhaps we just relaxed from knowing we were being helped, but none the less a wonderful outcome, now they are young adults. Love Monica xx

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