Something happened at mediation group tonight

Every Wednesday I attend a crystal bowl chakra meditation group, tonight when I walked up stairs to where we meditate, I suddenly felt a warm sensation around my throat and upper chest, as if I were slapped with it.  I felt it the entire time and then when i was mediating, it was so deep that I felt as if I were going to fall on my neighbor if i didnt straighten up, but couldnt really move, i probably could of if I made myself, but felt like I didnt want to try.  At some point I felt dizzy too.  At the end, I sat for a while and talked, while still having the same warm feeling, then I stood up and felt weekness where the warmth was then down my arms and in my legs. Once I left the center, it eased up, but I still feel week.  Has anyone had this sort of thing happen and what did happen? 

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it feels like an event that a ghost is replaying through you. or the initial attack anyways. the rest seem to be the after effects of the event and the energy loss you may have experienced. happens to me once in a while. has anything like that happened to anyone in that particular area of the building. if so thats probably it. they really didn't even have to die either for it to leave that much of an imprint. my advice would be to develope a sheild that you only let down to protect yourself against negative energies if you hadn't already had one up.
I have had something similiar happen to me i was going to a spiritual store and my energy in my body got intensly warm to much for comfort but then i left and i felt happier with myself.

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