I am 34 yr old woman who pretty much no matter what "right" choices I make always ends up with bad luck. I am a intuitive & spiritual person. I feel as though the past 20 yrs have been nothing but heartache for me. The only thing I can think of that changed things for me was something that happened when I was 15. I have over the past few years come to the conclusion that this is where it all started. Here is my story and please if you can help me please tell me what I need to do.


When I was 15 I went away with my parents to this summer place in the Poconos. It was my parents, my sister & her husband and my 5 yr old nephew. Anyway we ended up staying at this place because the original place we were planning on staying was not to our liking. We stayed at a place that had about 15-20 cabins, beautiful place. Not many people were there. When I first got there and was checking the place out I felt this strong feeling of someone was watching me, even though there was no one around and it was very negative. I kind of got scared in a way but I didn't let it get to me. That first night when I was in the bedroom by myself reading a book I swear I heard someone whisper my name through the window. I was like what was that?? I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. I ended up taking the bedspreads off the the two beds in the room and covering both windows so I couldn't see out and no one could see in.


The next day I noticed that there were two older couples in the cabin next to us and they were odd, I noticed right away. I took my nephew up to the pool that day and within a half hour I would say that these two couples came up to the pool and just sat there not speaking a word to each other and stared at my nephew and I the entire time we were there. I thought I was being paranoid but I wasn't. There was something weird going on. As soon as my sister came up to the pool about an hour or two later, they all stood up and just left. I didn't say anything to anybody about what happened. But everyday (we were there for about 4 days) they watched my nephew and I.


The night before we ended up leaving (which was a day early) my brother in law got up in the middle of the night around 2-3 am to go the bathroom. He was standing at the toilet and the window above the toilet was facing their cabin's front porch and he said that his eyes were half closed but he saw flashes of light and he immediately opened his eyes fully and saw them on the front porch with a fire and their hands were over it and they were chanting. He didn't wake any of us up but he ended up going out our door and walked around all the way around our cabin to get up close to see what they were doing. He said they were speaking in a language he never heard and they were chanting.


The next day when we woke up my parents said to pack up our stuff we were leaving a day early. This was at like 8 in the morning and I was like why. So my BIL told me the story and I told them all what I had experienced from the moment we got there. We started packing up the car and lo and behold guess who comes outside to just stand there and watch us leave, the two couples, they just stood there watching, just me and my nephew, I would say mostly me. I even went inside and told my parents that these people were watching me. I told my parents to go outside and see the wont even look at them but when I came out, all eyes were on me. I was scared. I walked outside by myself at one point and one of them pointed a camera at me and took a picture and the proceeded to laugh this evil laugh. Anyway we left.


That night when I was home I could not get the vision of these people out of my head, one of the woman's face I still vividly remember. I slept in a pool of sweat that night and I just had these people taunting me throughout my sleep. I never experienced something like that before. I often wonder if they did something to me. I tell people this story from time to time and they get freaked out. I believe that they but a curse on me. What other explanation would there be for my bad luck? Please if anybody can help me, give me your thoughts.

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The thing is, if there was a curse, you feed it with your fear and anxiety... I want to recommend some very useful books to you - the Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy, Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn, and the Secret - also a movie, you can find it on the web... these books talk about the Law of Attraction and the role our thoughts and feelings play in creating our circumstances in life... they will help you take your power back and will give you some tools to break through your fears... it is fear at the root of the hard times and the fact that the harder they get, the worse we start feeling about ourselves...... it is important to understand these creation dynamics in order to get things onto a smoother path... learning to raise your vibrational frequency with joyful loving thoughts is one of the first steps you must take to be sure you can start attracting more of what you want in life....
Lotsa LLLove, Danielle
Danielle is right. The first thing you need to do is understand that you have great control over what happens in your life, and you exercise that control through Both your beliefs And your focus. It's not one or the other, it's both together.

You have a choice of two ways of focusing on the world; believing that the unpleasant will happen, or believing that the pleasant will happen. We call one faith, and the other fear, and often believe that they are opposite occurrences. They manifest opposite emotions, but they are the same process: focusing your empowering thoughts and beliefs on a potential future.

The difference is what you focus on: a future you desire, or one you do not. If you focus on what you do not want, you feel what people call fear. If you focus on what you do want, you feel good, if you don't let doubt cloud your mind and get in the way. We only fear what we do not understand, so the key is understanding what is going on and how by proving it to yourself, and accordingly choosing to be more positive. You can learn more about fear if you read my blog on the subject.

Now, to address the potential curse... The common type of curses most people believe in only work if you believe in them, and so it is unlikely that they cursed you because if they were trying to do so; they would probably have told you what they were doing to scare you and trick you into making it true with your fear. They also don't seem to have a motive. Most "curses" are enacted out of revenge.

However, there are other things that could be called a curse, but are not typically considered as such, that could be done using some of what you describe. The unusual piece of information that makes me think they might have been targeting you with some negative intention is not as much the staring or chanting, but the photograph.

You see, one of the keys to "messing with someone" is knowing their energy frequency. Since we are energy beings, as proven by quantum physics, we all have a unique energy frequency (vibration/sound) by which we can be tracked and connected with. By taking your photograph, they had a record of your frequency. This is why many spiritually trained people do not like having their picture taken.

Many have been quoted as saying that it "steals your soul", and in a way this statement could be considered to be partially correct. Technically speaking; it does capture in the film a part of your essence: your energy. Those who know how can then track your energy frequency by feeling/"tuning in" to the energy "trapped" in the picture like a radio frequency.

Now, they can't give you bad luck, only your fear can. However, they or other beings they send can track and follow you and harass you or others around you, scare people away from you, and all kinds of other things: including enter your dreams IF You Let Them. Now, the key here again is fear. The reason most beings scare people is to steal their energy/power.

When you fear someone/something, you dis-empower yourself, and transfer your energy to them. There are some people and beings, known by many names, who empower themselves by stealing or tricking people into giving away their energy. The most common name in use today is energy/psychic vampire. They are not the kind of thing you see in movies, and they are not often inhuman creatures. The term is simply a blanket term for anyone who drains the energy of others to empower themselves.

As you can see, no matter what the source of your problems, the most important thing for you to do is overcome your fear. If you would like more help, email me privately, and we can go over more specifics. There are techniques I can teach you that would help, that are specific to what is going on, but I would have to know a lot more specifics about what has been happening. As you can see, one key piece of information can be quite important.

Also, I would recommend watching a movie called "The Celestine Prophecy" as a starting point for understanding more about how we give, take, and interact based on energy. It is a very basic start, but it conveys the key concepts in a way that is easier to understand and see how to use.

Have faith. As you seek the answers, they will come to you. You are at the beginning of a journey that will open to you a wonderful world and a much brighter, more enjoyable life. You are not alone, and you will be just fine.


Christopher Allen Moeller
Quantum Empowerment CoachTM
A curse is only as strong as you make it. If you feed into it and strongly belive it. It becomes more powerful. However, if you do the opposite nothing bad will come of it.
I would like to help. Go to my website and schedule an appointment with me. I will do a 10 minute consultation at no charge and do my best to direct you in the right direction on your path of transformation.
Lori Marie
sometimes you have to look at what is in store for your future and forget your past if you live in your past you wont be able to live a normal future it sounds as if you were very scared and its alright to be scared but there comes a time when you get older and you will met that special person in your life that will make your life change around for the better and you will talk to them about what happened in your past but the beautiful thing about it is you will build a new life with this person and in that life will be honesty trust love and loyality in my life i had times where things went bad i mean really bad but then you pick yourself back up off the ground and make a new life it is if a person gives up and that should never happen because you are number 1 in everyones life there is always someone out there for everyone but it might take time and as hard as it is to wait it will come to you because your worth it if a person has problems with family listen blood is thicker then water they love you for you and will stand by you sometimes people think they have no one and you know why that is because it has been a real bad day then they go out and do something for there self and make it a great day in life everyone has to understand that everyone needs love in there life and family sometimes we do have bad days but we stand tall make our way through it when i sit and i think of people out there who say they dont have anything you know what i think as long as you have your life health someone to love and family thats more then any money in this life time because money cant buy love happiness or health and blood is thicker than water with family thats an old saying if you need to talk or email me go to mrs valerie bryant take care god bless
Hello Cara,B4 I comment I need to knoww your full names please.
I will help u,in the interim please negate the words bad and luck.

Kind Regards
Hello Cara,B4 I comment I need to knoww your full names please.
I will help u,in the interim please negate the words bad and luck.

Kind Regards
Artemio Allegretti



Of all the emotions, fear is probably the worst and potentially the most dangerous.


I haven't "tuned in" to your situation, but I would say that there are definitely negative energies that can have an effect on all of us and our lives.  However, it's important to realise that each of us has been given what some might call "guardian angels" - I call them spirit guides - and these guides and helpers are with us throughout our earthly lives and they help in all sorts of situations, not least of these is providing protection from negative energies.


A prayer for protection is always something that helps us and I have found that positive energy will always outweigh any negative energy.  Make a point of asking for protection each day and I can guarantee you that you will be provided with the protection that you ask for.


Thinking of you prayerfully and sending you light.


Hello Cara,
I trust you are well.Its been sometime since I replied to your request.
I can help you,your problem is translated to fear by your mind Life but,your problem is not fear.
I need your real and full names,maiden surname and I need you to find or create the meaning of the acronym F.E.A.R.

You may email me if you prefer.

Kind Regards
Artemio Allegretti

I have no idea why this just came into my personal e-mail, but it did. It took me forever to find out how it got there and from where. There was no sender and I finally searched it to this website to find out where it came from. Cara, I hope that things have been changing for you since this event has taken place. Because I noticed that the date on this was just almost a year ago. But since it just arrived mysteriously here to me two days ago, I thought that I would tell you that I will be sending as much positive energy to you as possible. I truly am sorry that I had no idea this conversation was even taking place.

These people were together when they were doing the things they were doing to scare you. I really think that if all of us join together to bring positive energy to you as you rebuild yourself and turn your luck around, it will be a strong bond of good positive energy to build on. So we are all together for you Cara. Take care of yourself and be strong. There is nothing anybody can do to bring you down. I hope you feel that energy that I am sending to you. The warmth and the love. I look forward to helping you feel that comfort.

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