I am haunted by shadows and nightmares. Would like help!!!

 Hi, um, I have been having bad dreams alot. I see people and I talk to them about random stuff.

Some seem upset of sad. I see kids, and adults. I wake up and feel like I'm paralized. I'm in a white room and my body is in water. When I see the people, i see thier emeotins behind them, splashes of color.  Sometimes when they are mad, they have black and red behind them and scare me. I wake myself by screaming in my pillow. I had dreams about being hurt by a shadow, or a person in a black coat.

   I seen shadows in my house when I'm alone in a room, my parents room ,the living room, bathroom, kictchen, and mostly in my room. The little girl still cries blood in my room. The shadows are like a human's shape, but fuzzy. Sometimes i'm amazed, but mostly scared. I don't usually tell my mom, but

 they scare me. I'm afraid to go to sleep. And just last night, I was in the living room watching the tele, and I saw a shadow in the hallway to the bathroom. Buddy, my dog woke up from sleep and looked nervously at me and the shadow. Most shadow last ten seconds, but it lasted a minute.

The worst part was it had eyes. They were bright green and creepy. I heard soemone say in my head with static, 'Now I can see you.' I was so scared, I got dizzy after and got sick. I don't know if i attracted a aangry spirt or a sprit guide or whatever. One thing I know is, I see two kinds of shadows. One I don't feell scared, and has a blue, light around it. The other, has a dark red light and makes me feel scared. So do I have a angry spirt and a sirt angel? I need help.

Any suggestions, advice or anything will help me alot. I really, really apreacite this. I need help, i want to sleep at night. :(    thanxs though, :)

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Hi Sara, you are dealing with Shaman Spirits. They come to try to help people get over their fears to learn bravery. Sometimes they are gaurding sacred places when they behave like this. I used to deal with them when I was a kid and my grandmother helped me to learn. I can teach you about them if you like. Most people don't want to know and just try to get away from them. There are ways to make peace with them that are simple but you have to learn to be very brave. Let me know if you want to know more.

thanks soo much, sherri. They come alot now, and some follow me to school. When i look out my window, i saw a kid walking down my street, then a car screeching to him and crashing in him. I gasped. He was under the car, and ripped and bloddy. But I heard the bang in my head. Also, the car faded and the kid was still ripped and bloody and kept walking. When i was still watching he looked at me, up high in my window, and mouthed. 'Help me please.' I was a little scared.

 I think i do need help. I find myself on my jog, talking to poeple who dress odd, and then they walk right through a tree, or they disappear when i'm talking to them. Does this sound crazy? but i found a sprit freind. Her name is charlotte. She's fourteen. When I told my mom her apperances and her old talk, she said it was exactly like her grandmother. Her middle name was charlotte, she had freckles, she was like me. She is always nice to me, nerver angry. She gives me advice and tells me once that i'm supposed to help spirts, for the tiny thing that buggs thier mind. Or some feeling they couldn't shake off. When I talk to poeple, i feel like then line between realtiy, and my world is very thin. My freinds caught me talking to a loney boy in school, and then started rumors that i was crazy, talking to myself.  Um, any advice on this shaman spirts, i heard they were tribes docotor, or healing spirts. I would love anything to help, but i can't help but feel lost or scared. One man was drunk and tried to pull me off the road as a car was racing down. My feet was skidding and i have a scrape on my arm where he pulled me. Some cry on my shoulder, that leaves tears. That realtiy line is too thin for me. They touch me, i talk to them, i see them. A couple days ago, i saw a crash of cars, and ran acros the road to see if anyone needed help. But when I touched the hot metal car door it shimmered, and faded aways as a car horn sounded at me for standing in the road. Thanxs alot, i love knowing i'm not alone. :P

Sherri Lanham said:

Hi Sara, you are dealing with Shaman Spirits. They come to try to help people get over their fears to learn bravery. Sometimes they are gaurding sacred places when they behave like this. I used to deal with them when I was a kid and my grandmother helped me to learn. I can teach you about them if you like. Most people don't want to know and just try to get away from them. There are ways to make peace with them that are simple but you have to learn to be very brave. Let me know if you want to know more.
Yes, First of all let me explain. What they are doing is giving you visions of people who have died. They are medicine people and very kind. They don't like the violence and the industrial injuries that happen to people. And yes, they are wanting you to help both the living and the dead. Helping to keep the people that are alive around you safe and also helping the ones who died these tragic deaths. The reason they bring fear is to show us how terrible it is to lose lives around us. They are revealing the consequences of what is happening when we are not taking life seriously. The way to become brave is to let the fear blow through you like a wind. Stand tall and proud and let the fearful feeling blow through you, then the visions will change. They will begin to tell you wisdom to help the ghost spirits and the nature spirits around you. It takes practice so don't be dismayed if you still feel fear after wards. The fear will blow through you and then it will be gone when you retain the skill. After that evil or angry spirits will never be able to control you again.
Also, I would like to tell you that the Shaman spirits are between the land of the living and the land of the dead. That means that they can make physical contact with us. A scrape on the arm tells you that they were really there and you did not imagine it. They are not like ghosts because they are guardians of nature and people. So ghosts can not make physical contact without a medium but shaman spirits can. That is why people get so scared when they see that the reality and imagination somehow come together in a physical form. Sometimes people mistake them as poltergeist but they are not. Smudging cedar or sage can help them to calm down and feel peaceful. Also tobacco rituals. You are not crazy, but I can understand why you feel that way. They will let you alone as soon as the sacred is established back to balance. That is all they really want. Just let the fear blow through you so that you can understand clearly what help they need with the tragic deaths of these people. When you let the fear blow through you ask them to help you understand.

Thanks soo much, it pretty much makes sense. How do you know this? is there somewhere i can go to? or see someone?  Is there a website or a book i can read up on it? I feel confident now, it means alot to me. I have to ask you one question, is charlotte, my spirit freind, a shaman? what is she? my mom thinks she is my guardian angel, becuase i give her the exact same characteristics of my great grand mother. I feel better now, but would like to know where i can look in to this.

Thanks agin. :P

The only place you can learn this is on the Reservations. Unfortunately, most books that I have found on the subject are usually ficticious accounts just written to scare people. But my grandmother lived on the reservation her whole life and I got a chance to visit the reservation when I was a child. One of the reasons it is that way is because many people can not understand the actual reality of these people and their traditions. They are very different than us. But this happens in the North American continent all the time. No other continent has these particular events happening there. So people like me, who had a chance to learn on the Reservation and pass the knowledge along are the best people to go to. I have tried to teach many people, but it takes a lot of practice to learn to let the fear blow through you. I will be here for you just like my grandmother was for me. OK Sara? Remember, try to be very brave. Once the fear passes through you, I promise that no evil spirit or angry spirit will be able to disturb you and you will be able to help many ghosts, people, and even the nature creatures that are around you. You will be called a "brave".
No Charlotte is not a Shaman. She seems like she is one of your family ancestor protectors in your family. I think your mother is right to call her a guardian angel. She is probably there to help you realize that you are going to be OK when you become brave and able to do your psychic work after all of this affair with the Shaman. That you have a spiritual friend through your own culture and identity as you learn to make peace with these other spirits. There is a great powerful destiny ahead of you for sure Sarah. You will end up making a big difference in the spiritual world as you allow your gifts to cross over into this life and the world around you. You will not lose yourself because Charlotte is revealing that yourself will always be with you.

Wow, that was very encouraging. I feel brave just thinking about it! ;p 


Hi Sarah,


I just wanted to share this with you. Two nights ago I was walking down the hall to get ready for bed and I saw a shadow of a teenager on the door of my bathroom. Of course the door was shut and it is the last door in the hall before I reached my bedroom. I felt the fear make my hair stand on my head. So very quickly, I let the fear blow through me. Well, I looked around the hall and there was nothing there to create that shadow. I turned on the hallway light and then turned it off again. I opened the door to the bathroom and turned on the light in there. Still the shadow remained. So I closed my eyes and I asked in my mind what it could possibly mean. The shadow told me that it was the shaman over the friendship that I had with you. It was the guardian of our friendship that we created. It told me that it would help me to have the energies to be able to reach out to you and be there for you in your recent endeavors of helping these ghosts. I was just thrilled to hear it. 

OMG!!!! that happend justlike that to me! well similar. I was walking upstairs to my room when i saw a sadow of a woman.

 She was a pretty woman, well kept. i don't know how i could tell this from a shadow, but i did.

 I walked past her and she turned around. she started telling me that making friends with sherri, was the right choice, and a strong choice. She also said our mental bond between each other, is so strong. I was happy to hear that!

I think nit was s ahman, but i'm not sure yet. I'm having trouble desigusing ghosts, or spirts from shamans or angels.

 WHta a conwincidence! amazing! wondeful! mesmerizing! spectluar! o wow.

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