Hi guys, I need some help on the mediumship front. I'm always being told I'm a good reader but more so on the clairvoyant front than the mediumship front which I am working on. I've been told by a good tutor than when I do Platform it seems my Power is 2" in front of me like I lack confidence and cringe away from my Power. Does anyone have any tips on how I can increase my self belief and step into my Power more? I am desperate to be the Medium I keep getting told I am going to be. Thanks xxx

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Hi hope you are well, I know you posted this ages ago but I am new on here came today actually and am having a brows. One of my skills are counselling, alongside a whole heap of other healing and holistic modalities. I am developing my mediumship skills too and my tutor has said to me when doing platform, don't look at the crowd, look at the back wall or up towards the ceiling but in a discreet way as if your thinking or connecting with spirit. This way your not distracted by people's faces and body language which can be very daunting. I haven't done platform yet but I have done small groups of 5. Most importantly believe in yourself and that your are connected to sprit and just go with it.. Good luck and please update me on your progress. Rena x

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