Hi there,

I am new to this community. My name is Simon, 24 years old. What actually bought me to this site, well... I have been looking all over the place for a community where I could talk about the same "interest" as me.

I don't know how to start or begin my journey, but to sum it short. I know what is among us. The energies, the entities, spirit, etc

Infact, I can feel the tangible energies all around me , mostly on my hands. I can see auras of people and things, I can tap into people's life and tell them the things that is good, or wrong that are happening (a little voice tells me about it) and i confirmed it with them, and majority of the time is accurate.

I know they exist, I know they are natural, I know they are among us, but.... something is missing i dont know what it is.

I cant talk to my friends or family about it, they will think I am crazy, and i have already lost friends cause of this.

I need a mentor or someone to help me in this journey. I am wanting to develop these abilities and to know and discover more about all this.

I know and believe this is our existence, this is who we are. I just woke up to it..

( All this happened 3 years ago, i was activated at a church. Just starting to get back to it and want to focus, learn and not be distracted again)

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Welcome to the site. 

I feel you need to be in a development circle so you can learn to understand and work with your gifts. Check out the church circles as well as private ones. Ask your Guides to send you a mentor.

Where are you based?


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