HI i am new here, and was wondering if any of u are from Canada? It might help to know someone.

 Also, i need ur advice , help or opion on my prob.

I have a slepping probelm at night. I eat right, play everyday, but at night, i don't feel tired. I wouldn't fight it. BUt  I woud always lay awake after everyone in my house gone to bed. I see shadows in my room. Near my desk and near my closet door that never openes. My mom opened it last spring to get stuff out for the yardsale, but nothing after that.

   They have a shape, like a human head and shoulders. They hoover, loom then when my eyes focus, disapppear. I told my mom about being psychic, but she think seeing shadows in ym room is crazy. I have bad dreams, like my friend falling down. Then the next week, she fell on her head, and had to go to the hospital.  I have the worst nightmares. I never dreamt of like in the mall, with flesh eating- dinos, just real places i was. In my home, school, park. Whatever happenes, ,it is soo real.

  I also have a stage, wherte I walk around my house and pick up objects uin the living room and kitchen and look at the details and feel their energy.  Then soemtimes, i can say what moved in the room or not. I usually wake up from nigtmares always from three o clock. All the time.

  I get so scared, i can't sleep. my bed is on the side, the door in front, and my back wall at me when I sleep. I always look out when I sleep, but I see them shadows, and someimtes, the objects shift.

 I even seen a girl, in a ruffle dress, bow in her hair, crying on the ground. I jumped outa bed, to help her, but she waved me off and turned her head. There was blood running down her cheeck for her eyes and brain. I was scared. Her wails echoed in ym ears. This, i have not told my mom.

Oh, about the girl, after she bleeds, she fades away. Then I huffing sitting in my room floor, right next to the shadow spot. Then I get scared, and jump in bed. I am soo scared. Then after I saw the girl three times. a stain appered where her tear drops landed, like a puddle. It first it was bright red, but now it;s rusty orange. I see her maye twice a montyh, same old thing. I also dreamt of fbi agents taking me away at night and pokng me with needles and disecting me. They though I was a alein. I cried . ANy help????? would appreaicte any advice or help . It will litery help me sleep at night.

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