A response to Haunting Eyes by Ridgely Goldsborough http://aviewfromtheridge.com/ezine-archive/haunting-eyes/ (He deleted my attempt to post this as a response.)

When Will They Be Ready To Listen

They talk about us often, those who have been in their bodies longer. They say that we are the future, but most do not listen to us in the
present. They talk about our glowing eyes, our piercing gaze, our
honesty and creativity, as if they actually like these qualities about
us. At least, that's what they say to people's faces. So many people
talking so positively, yet reacting so negatively.

It's interesting, and at the same time saddening, to experience the fear and upset when such features are turned their direction. So many are
frightened by our glowing eyes, our piercing gaze, and our honesty.
They're too busy running from themselves to listen, or when they listen
the honesty is too much for them to deal with. On and on it goes, and
throughout history they leave their mark, these fear-based people with
sad eyes and empty hearts. We are not the only ones they push away.

Many other awakened souls have come. Throughout thousands of years of history, those who see more than just the material world, those who
have tried to teach what they know and talk about what they see have
been abused, locked away or put to death. The truths have been taught,
the principles have been lived, and sometimes are even applauded; but
still so few listen and learn. We are different, and for that we must
suffer. We see more than most, and so we are feared. When will they be
ready to listen?

They claim to want a better world. They claim to know that we have the answers. Do they listen? Do they really believe in us?... Most do not. “You're still young, you'll learn
how things really work when you get older.” “We don't' talk about
things like that.” “I've been around a lot longer than you have” they
assume. They still think that they are their bodies, even though every
religion I have seen teaches them that they are much more than that.
They talk about “spirit” and “God” as if they know and understand, yet
their actions prove that they know nothing. They're still just as lost,
or maybe more, than their parents and grandparents.

On and on, from generation to generation, their ignorance deepens. Each generation transfers less truth to the next, as the “schools” spread
lies and limitations like candy to the unawakened ones. The signs are
obvious to any who bother to think, to look, but they are too busy with
their daily patterns. So unaware they are of why they live the way they
do, why they are so unhappy, unhealthy, lost and confused.

They take pills for everything, though it rarely solves the problem and often makes them sicker and dulls their minds. Their eyes and even
bodies feel empty, as only a shell remains while the parasites slowly
drain them of energy and resources. They notice me watching, they look
into my eyes as I look into their souls, and they look away quickly not
even bothering to think about why. They're used to it, running from
everything, just as they are their suffering.

They cling to their beliefs like their alcohol and drugs, not knowing that their beliefs are the more deadly of the three. They think that it is
natural to shrivel and weaken as their bodies age, not knowing that in
far away lands not yet touched by poisonous beliefs, people decades
older, healthy and happy, are chopping wood and building homes. Even
here in the supposed “land of the free”, people decades older are
national champion weight lifters and martial artists. They think they
know, and so they know nothing.

Yes, we are the future, because they have chosen to live in the past. They know nothing of what is coming but rumors spun to encourage their fear and weakness.
They live, if you can call it that, wondering why prices are going up
and their parents and grandparents can't pay their bills with the
little paper the government gives them to survive. They see the
symptoms, but they don't want to look at the real problems, because
then they would be compelled to change and to act.

It's interesting that so many things they believe are backward. They believe that everything is solid, when nothing is. They believe that they are
their bodies, because they can not see the light and currents of energy
flowing all around and through them. They believe that they control the
government and who is in charge of it, when in fact they lost/gave up
control almost a century ago. They believe that the government is
protecting them, when in fact it is slowly taking everything from them
and has been for generations. The lobster slowly boils, and is in fact
almost cooked, and yet has not screamed.

They believe that they have no control over others, and yet their influence permeates every relationship and every choice; every thought effects
everyone around them. They believe that they can not change the world,
and yet as children they learned about many who have done so. They
believe they know about the one around which their religion was
supposedly founded, and yet they live in direct contradiction to many
of his teachings. They are taught that God is everywhere, and yet fear
and mistreat all in which “He” exists. They are taught to live by
faith, and yet they are dominated by fear. They believe in talking to
God, but mock, lock away or kill most who claim that God responded to
“His” children.

All may not be lost, but time is certainly running short. Where are the true believers in the young? Where are those who desire a better life enough to stand up for the
truth, so that their children will not be soulless slaves? Where are
those who feel the truth when they hear it? Where are those who live by
faith instead of fear? Are we the only ones who will survive? Will so
many continue to doom themselves by their own blindness? Will we alone
live to pay for the sins of our mindless and gullible ancestors and
reclaim this world? Will they awaken in time?

So much to learn, so much to do, and so little time. Will they awaken from their slumber? Will they hear the call of their souls' creator, or will
it once again fall on deaf ears? Have they compromised their inner
voice so much that none hear it? Are we the only ones who have ears to
hear and eyes to see? No? Then when... when will they be ready to

Copyright 2010 Christopher Allen Moeller

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Comment by Christopher Ree on March 17, 2010 at 3:24am
I think Ridgely has a very valid point. Evidently, he has issue with you and you with him. I have the same reaction to you that he has. What he wrote in "Haunting Eyes" was brilliant. LL&L, Christopher Ree
Comment by Christopher Ree on March 17, 2010 at 3:37am
When the day comes that you realize that you actually know nothing, only then, and only then, will you start to learn. (Old Chinese saying) Learn the art of humility in order to begin your true journey. LL&L, Christopher Ree
Comment by Christopher Allen Moeller on March 17, 2010 at 3:57pm
Your typical arrogance, foolish assumption and lack of intuition betray you again Christopher. Ridgely has never spoken to me, and wasn't making a point about me at all. You don't know what you're talking about, as usual with me it seems. Your ego makes you blind to me.

You should take your own words to heart. A wise man speaks little, and listens much. It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you a fool, than to open your mouth and prove it. Here is more "Old Chinese" wisdom for you.

We have less than two years until the full power of the shift comes to bear on the earth, and people are already dieing by the hundreds. When you learn how to speak and be positive instead of blind, judgmental and insecure, come back and we can talk again, but for now I will no longer accept your negativity. Go help people instead of trying to push your ego on fellow lights. You are wasting my time and your own. You are a disappointment. Get past your ego and go help people.
Comment by Christopher Ree on March 17, 2010 at 11:11pm
You are so right, Christopher. It is a waste of my time trying to talk with you, but you sure are fun to poke fun at. You examine your ego and I will examine mine. Safe journey, my YOUNG friend. LL&L, Christopher Ree
Comment by Christopher Allen Moeller on March 18, 2010 at 4:27pm
It is amazing how superficial you are. Funny, my tribal business partner is probably older than you are, and yet we work together well. Why does my age bother you so much that you have to keep mentioning it? What is your issue?

Are you jealous like the genius I used to know? He actually admitted that he didn't like the fact that I knew things he didn't and that I was doing more with my life than he was at my age. Is that what bothers you? Alexander the great supposedly conquered most of the known world and died around my age. Do you really think physical age has anything to do with anything?

I am an old soul, and I am not my body just as you are not the wrinkled bag of water and tissue in your pictures. Can you not see past such things? It's not real. What you see is a photograph of an energy projection in a holographic world of illusion. Physical age doesn't even have a baring on maturity, knowledge or experience.

I've been teaching people old enough to be my grandparents since I was a child. Almost all of my students and clients have been older than me and recognized my value, and many of them didn't even claim to be psychic. Why can't you see past such superficial pointlessness? In all your years of being a psychic, haven't you learned that the physical is nothing? Even science has proven that the physical world is an illusion, and primarily non-solid. For someone so old, you sure see very little.


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