What is the soul number vibration for you?

Within a numerological chart, the soul number is one of the most important numbers to be calculated from the vowels of your name. The soul number energy helps a person denitrify their heart’s desire. The vowel letters that are calculated to come to the single digit number that represents your heart’s desire is components and elements of your soul’s energy.

The vowels are: A, E, I, O, U and the sometimes Y.
The number representation of the vowels are: A=1, E=5, I=9, O=6, U=3 and the sometimes Y=7.

Some believe that when an incoming soul is returning to the material realm that we live in now, before they come back it is determined what that soul may need to help him or her to advance up the spiral pathway of soul development during this lifetime. The spirit person that you are helps determine the name that you now have to be correct energy pattern so that you will attract the right circumstances and opportunities that you need so that your soul/spirit can develop into the spiritual being you will become, your higher self.

The first vowels of your name determine the vibrational over tone of your soul number energy. Some writing indicates that the Ancients thought and believed that the soul entered the body on the vibration of the first vowel of that name. Thus setting the pattern of energy for that soul number vibration. The numbers is like a frequency setting for a radio wave length and each of us are on different wavelength and frequency yet they are similar and over lapping, and yet so uniquely different than any one else’s.
There is some disagreement about that but numerologists do agree that the first vowel of the name does hold great significance.

The compatibility of the soul numbers is a large factor in doing good relationship chart for two people whether it is for the prospects of marriage, or a partnership of some kind, or a business venture together.

A person can use the information they gather from their soul numbers in many aspects of their lives. Like in business relations, along with a compatible life path, this can work wonders in a business relationship, having this knowledge. In this type of relationship, you can tell what motivates your business partner and what may be the driving force behind all their actions. This number energy can give you insight into the inner nature of a person’s whom you are dealing with, regardless of how they may appear outwardly.

In the department of love, the knowledge and understanding of your potential partner is so worthwhile.

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