What is a second heaven level meditation?

This meditation is based on very ancient precepts that we find in a book written by Enoch. The book is entitled, “The Book of the Secrets of Enoch.” The intrigues of these writings are premised upon visions of Hebraic pictures and meaningful expressions. They are the foundation of thought processes that surfaced into the world during ancient times creating the basis of certain modern day philosophical reasoning.

Enoch’s writings are the very first writings that profoundly describe each of the levels of heaven as if they are a separate world. The essential interpretations of these Hebraic thought processes are of pure energy and intellect.

The most interesting perspective that comes to mind during the reading of the visions is that Enoch teaches people how to enter in and out of the different levels of each heavenly place that is experienced. According to linguistic history that is transmitted to students orally from teachers, people first believed that only gods and goddess, angels and those super human were allowed to enter and exit the heavenly places. Enoch declaring that a mere man of lowly stature being able to enter and exit the heavenly realms was predominately a major invention of thought process during the time of his writings.

Enoch teaches his children boldly in spite of his current social interactions with the people of his generation that they could ascend and descend in the heavenly realms. He says that the key to gaining the access to the power was to be charitable and kind, vigilantly helping those weak, sick, and in poverty.

He even points out that if one were to take ascension into the realms of heaven that the responsibilities of charity and kindness should be ensured by a trusted friend or relative until the time of return. The most important works of good deeds could not go undone in order for someone to ascend their mind into the spiritual places to learn power.

These writings are purely spiritual and have nothing to do with religion at all. However, a great deal of the Western religions is based on the writings of Enoch. In the process of study, I discovered that these heaven level meditations could help people to utilize psychic energy more productively and clarify the interpretations of the metaphysical interpretations that come from the subconscious minds over to the conscience. This helps to remove the clutter found in the filter that is directly related to the third eye located in the mind. We actually have three inner eyes.

In the higher level heaven meditations we gain access to the other two eyes inside of us. But the 2nd heaven level meditation is a healing of our own mind filters directly related to the third eye located in our mind between the frontlets of our eyes.

I have also implemented the meditations to people who really show no psychic ability very successfully. Maybe they show no extraordinary psychic gifts through the process but they find themselves functioning in much more productive mind energy to create successful happy lives.

The most interesting part of the controversy of these writings is that religion has deemed the writings as apocalyptical writing. But the reality is that it is the Emunah Elish that is apocalyptical and not the writings of Enoch. Absurd interpretations that are derived from what Enoch was communicating cause people to think that the writings are apocalyptical. The true realities of the writings are about the keys to entering into the transience of the “World to Come” safely. There are more details about these interpretations inside the book called the “Keys to Enoch”. The author of the book took the same interpretation that I had discovered and expounded in a wonderful way that has enlightened me to gather greater information to make the heaven level meditations work profoundly to more success.

I hope that this helps to answer some of the questions that have come to me about what I have meant when I said that my last student was very successful in completing the 2nd heaven level meditation.

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