What Does it Mean to be a Healer - by Psychic Christopher Golden

If you find that you have the ability to help people overcome their obstacles, or to illuminate a situation, to bring hope where there is despair, to motivate and inspire, to help someone to mend a broken heart - then you are a healer. But what does it mean to be a healer? Why do you have these gifts and what responsibility, if any, do you take on by having them? Here is the psychic point of view...

It should be self-evident, to anyone who is tuned in and paying attention, that although the world is constantly in a state of flux, it is also always evolving.

People who talk cynically about how the world is going to hell in a hand-basket fail to realize that violence overall is down. Standards of living are increasing. Here in America our poor live better than well off people lived a hundred or so years ago. More people have indoor plumbing, microwaves, cell phones and are afforded a public education than they were a hundred years ago. Is there room for improvement? Big time, absolutely. But is America in it's final days? I think not. Is the world spinning out of control? I would say that we are going through some growing pains, but collectively evolving nonetheless. Things are getting better gradually. And this is especially self evident if you pull back a bit and look at the big picture.

One of the methods I have found useful, for maintaining perspective and not getting caught up in the media-driven lies we are told about the world we live in, is to meditate at least twice a day, for 20 minutes. This is a hard discipline to develop and maintain - but not nearly as hard as not meditating.

If you're a healer, you cannot transmit something you do not have. You must be grounded. You must find your center. You must be able to feel the pain and anxiety of others, but without becoming captured by it.

There is something greater than us, a Higher Power that some call "God". I personally do not believe in a deity, but it is self evident to me that there is something greater and that I am a part of it. It is not separate from me. I know that it is intelligent because we are intelligent and we came from it. I also know that it is more intelligent than me.

If you are a healer, it means that for reasons perhaps beyond our comprehension, you have been afforded certain gifts. Some people believe that those gifts should be used to enrich themselves. Others believe such gifts should only be used for the betterment of society. My feeling is that a more balanced view is that both ideas have a ring of truth to them. Your ability to heal others can be used to keep a roof over your head and can also be your contribution to the world. It does not have to come down to and either/or scenario.

The gift of healing does not come from you, but it does move through you. You are the vessel. And part of your responsibility in being that vessel is to take care of that vessel. It is not your job or mine to save the world. The world will save itself if that is what the world decides to do. Your role and mine, is to be true to that which we are. If you are a healer, be the best healer you can be. Do not rope off a part of your life and say, "this is the spiritual part of my life". Rather, let all of your life be the spiritual part of your life. Let all of your life be a prayer. Let everyone you touch be the recipient of that Divine healing energy which moves through you - when you let it.


Psychic Christopher Golden



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Comment by Cristina King on December 31, 2013 at 5:47pm

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I felt good after talking to him, and I feel like my situation is improving already. I have another call with him in a couple of days, and I can't wait to talk to him again.

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