Two Experiences From My Childhood As Requested, mostly

A Warning To Seekers Of Answers:

Be careful what you ask for. I have been asked many questions in my life, and many who asked the questions were not ready for the answers.

What I have learned in my journey may shake the foundations of what you believe, but if truth is what matters to you then you have nothing to fear in asking me, or God; who always answers.

You may not hear "His" answer because you are not ready, but "He" will guide your soul to what you need to learn in order to prepare for what you asked for.

10:35pm 12/13/09 Taken from my biography in progress

I am now going to share with you two events from the biography I am writing in response to many inquiries into my background and qualifications for knowing and teaching what I do at such an Apparently young age. Several people I opened up to in comments on Facebook and other web sites have independently requested these two stories over the last week, as well as the coming biography that has been more widely requested.

I am writing these things for several reasons: to give people a background that will help them understand my work, themselves, and to inspire them to actively pursue and achieve their true current potential, which is beyond their current comprehension. It is not to promote myself or boost my own go, for I have very little ego left, and I do not believe that anyone is better than anyone else.

I care nothing for material possessions, and have been both homeless and wealthy more than once. I have, in many ways, lived more like a monk than a normal societal human for a large portion of my life. My priority is humanity. I should not even be considered a normal human being, nor associated with this body, for it is not who I am.

Also, higher levels of consciousness evolution allow one to become the many. It would not be accurate to consider me to be a single person, for though at times I do not actively access the unity that I am, I am more and more consciously one with many tens of thousands of beings on this and other worlds, and cease to be a singularity. When I share with humanity, I am rarely a singularity, and act in accordance with the position I have accepted as messenger for the spiritual beings of light and love guiding humanity through this transition into higher awareness, empowerment and freedom.

The first event I call The Shadow Encounter, the second I call My First “God Experience”. I am placing them in this order because they happened in this order, and because I want the positive story to outweigh and help you recover from the first.

Please do not choose to react to anything anyone tells you, including me, in fear. Fear dis-empowers you, drops your immune system, leaves you open on all levels to various forms of attack, and draws who or what you are afraid of to you, in multiple ways and on multiple levels.

You are and have always been more than you think you are. You are a divine being, manifesting on higher levels of reality as light, and in this physical world hooked into a body that you believe because of your still limited awareness and memory to be all that you are, despite the teachings of the religions you were raised in to the contrary.

This work that I now commence after cleansing and protecting my home and everyone in it, as well as raising my energy and consciousness to the highest and best that I can now achieve, and calling upon Creator and the messengers of light and love who guide me in my work: I do to help all humanity and everyone who will read or hear these words to awaken and grow.

This will be a painful, even torturous writing that I undertake; for I will write about the suffering of many that I not only know of, but have seen and experienced on many levels; and must now relive to at least some extent in order to review and write about them in detail.

Ironically and unintentionally, at least on my part, I now realize that the second story actually will give deeper meaning to the first, as well as these statements that I have just made. I relay to you now just a few of the secrets of our “reality” and history, as well as humanity as a whole, that have been hidden from you and your ancestors for tens of thousands of years.

The Shadow Encounter


What I am about to relate to you is not a unique event, as I will explain, but is a common experience kept secret by untold and practically incalculable numbers of people on this and likely other planets that “our oppressors” have visited/are visiting. After I tell of the event, I will explain why and how such events take place, who/what is behind them, and a few tips on how to protect yourself and your loved-ones.

I did not have a typical childhood. I was home-schooled until the fifth grade through the Abecca, (I am unsure of the exact spelling and do not have an easy way to research it at the moment, but I highly recommend the program; they are top rated and exceptional), video home school program from Florida. The only exception to this was a several month period when I attempted to enter a third grade public school. That experience I will save for another time.

Fifth through seventh grades I spent on two campuses of a private school that claimed to be Christian, (and to their credit had wonderful educational curriculums and more good, caring teachers that any other school I attended), but lacked the appropriate management with a true understanding of or a conscious relationship with “Jesus The Christ” and the truths he shared with his followers.

I was not allowed to play with most neighborhood kids unless their parents claimed to be Christians, and was therefore extremely limited, restricted and sheltered: which caused enjoyable and not so enjoyable results. I had a very lonely childhood, and spent most of my time reading fiction or The Bible (primarily JKV, NIV and NASV), which I also listened to on tape, or playing out in the yard.

By the time I was twelve, like Christ, (which I later discovered was no coincidence, but rather a combination of my own desires and divine guidance); I was teaching and counseling both children and adults, including the elderly. The issues ranged from simple (at least in my mind) matters, like dealing with peer bullying in school, to relationship crises.

I have always been “intuitive”, “psychic”, what I have come to call multi-dimensionally aware. The world(s) of energy, which most people call spirit, I paid only marginal attention to visually, but I spoke regularly with a being I didn’t usually see.

He spoke to me in a soft male voice, rarely audibly on a physical level, and had a warming, comforting and peaceful presence. He answered all my questions, but let me learn and experience things on my own most of the time until I asked a question. We had many wonderful discussions, but I didn’t think it at all unusual. It was as natural to me as breathing, as if I had always done so.

When my mother, through a picture Bible called “Leading Little Ones To God”, told me about God and Jesus when I was about one or two; I somehow knew that Jesus was the one I had been talking to. Again, I didn’t assume any significance to this, except a joy of my mother knowing about the being I had been talking to and enjoyed so much, as well as learning more about Him. Again, because I had no thought that it was unusual, I did not speak to her about it, but simply took in the information.

As I grew, I was given various assignments to accomplish in other worlds or times. I was and still am able to see the energy emitted by the particles that make up this world, as well as the beings that inhabit this and other realities. Sometimes I saw “spiritual/energy” bodies, and sometimes I just saw the light or darkness they emit/hold around what I call their “consciousness point” or “core source point”. I haven’t heard anyone speak who knows of this detail, so I don’t know what term to label it with.

Anyhow, not all of these beings like to be noticed. The Shadows fear opposition, and so when I started paying more attention to what they were doing to people, they decided that they needed to remove the potential threat. I didn’t learn about this background until many years later, and have only recently uncovered how complex and physical this oppression has become.

The Event:

I was between six and eight years old: I believe closer to eight, but I am not certain; for we can only track our time in life by events, and I did not experience the many wonderful birthdays you probably have. Mine has been quite an unusual life, the least of which was this encounter.

I was in the “family room”. From the perspective of someone who had just stepped in from the front door, I was in the back-right corner of the house, and my room was on the exact opposite end: the front left room, with a window to the front yard. I had a wooden bunk bed at the time, and my only friend came over once in a while and slept in one of the bunks. I most often slept in the lower bunk, though from time to time I enjoyed a change and moved to the top bunk. After this event, I slept in the top bunk much more often to be out of reach of “things” below me.

I was lying on the couch late at night reading a book, with my back propped against the cushion on the end farthest from the large window looking out into the back yard. It was not an unusual book, but I do not recall clearly it’s nature, though I have some inkling that it was a Hardy Boys mystery, which I often enjoyed. It was evening, and the sun was going down but had not yet set. There was little light outside, but enough that I could see everything with some dim color.

As I was reading, I sensed “a disturbance in the force” as they say in Star Wars. My hair stood like a upset cat, and I became aware of the feeling, (which in my enlightened state I now remember was the response to the energy frequency that my “higher/sub-conscious self” heard), coming from my back yard.

As I raised my gaze to see what it was, I saw first the legs of a shadow. I was surprised and confused to notice that the shadow was not on anything, including the ground and the fence behind it, but was floating in the middle of the yard about a foot off the ground.

As I continued to raise my gaze, I continued up the human-shaped shadow form seeing no texture or substance, until I reached the eyes. They were the only part that seemed to have substance and, at least mostly if not fully, extend into the physical world. I became immediately entranced, super-conscious/highly aware and focused. The eyes were like no living things I remembered ever seeing.

The closest thing I can relate it to, (which now I have heard may be inaccurate, which makes me wonder about the true source if it isn’t accurate), is cartoon representations of snake and other monster reptilian eyes I had seen with fang shaped slits for irises. However, those normally pointed to one side. These were different in the fact that the slit curved from the top of the eye, with both its sides coming together like a curved triangle down to the middle of the eye.

As I looked at these eyes, different parts glowing yellow and red, I felt its emotions as it gazed at me with powerful focus. It hated me and wanted me dead. I felt it clearly, but received no telepathic hint of a reason. I immediately became afraid that it was going to come through the window and kill me, so I ran as fast as I could to the other corner of the house, jumped into my bed, and did the now stereotypical “movie comfort move”: I sat with my back to the wall, pulled my legs up to my chest, and wrapped my arms around them, rocking slightly.

I sat there shaking, tears welling up in my eyes, wondering why it hated me so much since I wasn’t aware of ever doing anything to deserve such hatred, and if it was going to come after me. I don’t know how long I sat there. I don’t remember falling asleep that night, or anything more of that evening, but that experience is burned into my memory and has never failed access, even when I later buried and had to uncover many other memories.

I don’t know if I was afraid of the dark before that point, but this is my first conscious memory of encountering a “monster/demonic/dark/evil shadow being” outside of a dream this incarnation, and it was only the beginning. I was afraid of the dark, had many monstrous visitors and tormentors, and did my best to ignore them and everything else my multi-dimensional awareness may have picked up for years to come. This is only one of many unusual events in my multi-dimensional life.

They still try to use those memories to haunt me once in a while, and most often find me fully conscious and ready to wave them away or dis-empower them with love energy. I know, it probably sounds weird, but it messes their negativity up so badly that it can cause them real damage or bring them over to the light. I have turned more than one of their minions.

The Shadow Oppression:

Now comes the painful part. Mine is one of the more positive encounters that I am aware of. My subsequent research and experiences have uncovered mind-blowing, ignorance-shattering and quite horrendous truths about the world most people know almost nothing about.

Many of the “scary” horror movies about the “boogie man”, monsters in the closet and under the bed are actually based on true events. “Nightmare On Elm Street” and the Freddie Krueger movies are an example I use often, because they present both the reality and the key to it at the same time. Have you ever awoke from a dream and found a wound you didn’t have the night before?

I have known people who were attacked while both awake and dreaming by different types of other-dimensional beings. I am what has been called a “dream walker”. What you call dreams and believe to be flashes of imagination on the screen of your mind are sometimes actually other worlds. I and many others can enter and take control of those worlds, as can they if you let them. These worlds are created by your consciousness while you sleep as training worlds, but you can relinquish control: which people often do out of fear.

Those who are not scared into submission are often killed, imprisoned or kidnapped, tortured and brainwashed. As our government started learning about psychic ability after they became aware of the Russian efforts in these areas, the Shadows learned to test for higher awareness, and started kidnapping children to indoctrinate and turn into psychic super soldiers, turning our own potential they fear so much against us. Many hundreds, and perhaps thousands of children have died in the extreme process it takes to distort people’s consciousness enough to become such a dark side tool. Many more thousands of people have died in wars and secret missions at the hands of the few who survive to become such super-human agents of destruction and suffering.

The Key To Freedom:

The key is a two-sided sword, so to speak; conscious creation. I call it two sided because we use it in negative and positive ways to create suffering or happiness for both others and ourselves. Fear is focusing with belief on what we don’t want, which draws the like to us through quantum energetic resonance. Faith is focusing with belief on what we do want, which draws the like to us through the same scientific quantum/spiritual process, which has been taught for thousands of years in one form or another.

If you want to be safe from these demonic beings, you have to learn to empower and protect yourself and your family. Because of the power of this secret process, this knowledge has been kept from you out of selfishness and greed. It should be taught in every school, even a few millionaires and billionaires admit that. The sad part is, Jesus taught these principles, along with all the other sources of the major world religions.

The demonic forces have taken over and corrupted almost all of them, and are actively suppressing the least corrupted religion on the planet. The only reasons it hasn’t been as corrupted as the rest, is because The Buddha didn’t claim to be God or be in touch with God, so it’s not as easy a religion to hijack and systemize under “divine authority”.

Also, the teachings are too strong, and forwarding them at all would still lead too many people to enlightenment and empowerment. Its practitioners were also specifically taught keys of “true seeing” that would prevent them from as easily being corrupted, and allow them to see clearly through the deception of Shadow.

I call it shadow because to call it darkness has become totally misconstrued. People see darkness as being evil and powerful and many things that they are not. Darkness has little power but illusion and trickery, and is powerless to overcome the light.

Note: I have left out the next several pages because they describe in detail The Deception, which many are not ready for. You may request it, and I will evaluate your readiness individually. This responsibility is not a simple matter. What I have already posted her has already shaken some to their core.

My First “God Experience”:

I did not stay dormant very long after the shadow encounter. Somewhere around ten years old I watched a movie called “We’re Back: A Dinosaur Story”. In it, there is a character like Einstein who invents a machine that can hear people’s wishes, or something to that effect. I found it intriguing, and thought that this was a great analogy for what it must be like to be God and hear people praying. Now remember, this is probably over a decade before “Bruce Almighty” was ever a thought in someone’s mind, though I thoroughly enjoyed the reminder. I still wonder if my experience inspired it, on one level or another.

Either way, I asked God to show me what it was like to be aware of all of humanity at once. I felt “His” presence surround me, and my physical vision faded. I then was shown movie clips of people praying or crying, in some way talking to God. First, it was one at a time. Not only did I see each one, but I felt every emotion they were feeling as if it was my own, and was told/shown why many of them were in the situation they were experiencing. That’s hard to understand, so let me give you an example.

One little girl, probably around seven years old, was locked in a closet without food by her mother. She was asking God what she had done wrong, and for help. I was shown that she had said something that her mother misunderstood and gotten angry about, and had been locked in the closet for hours. This was not an uncommon occurrence.

When I asked why she was allowed to be tortured like this, I was shown that in a past life, she had some similar things to her children, and was learning how her children had felt and to be more considerate of her children. I was shown that she would die soon, having completed her learning, and be placed in a happier family situation and experience how loving parents properly appreciated and treat their children.

Soon, the movies backed off into rows, like frames of a filmstrip, and I experienced the entire row of beings at once. Then, more “strips” faded in from behind the first, and I progressively experienced more positive and negative experiences and emotions of souls until I didn’t feel I could handle the amount of emotion coming through. The movies disappeared instantly, and I was left panting, laughing and crying at the same time from the overwhelming mix of emotions.

I was in awe, but at the same time so captivated by the pain of so many who were learning “the hard way” because they had refused to learn easier ways and/or were lost in their fears and distorted concepts of helplessness. My heart yearned to ease their pain help them learn, and so I asked, (as I had asked before) to be given the discernment and other spiritual gifts of Solomon so that I could know how to properly help and teach these people. Again, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of love and peace from my divine friend, and asked if I was sure, and warned that it would be a hard road, with similar betrayal and persecution as Jesus had endured. I confirmed my choice, and was told that I would have what I had requested and much more.

I lived that role and the suffering that went with it, and many others over the years as I progressively learned/remembered more and more of the deeper spiritual truths, and put together the bigger picture of who I was, who humans are, and what reality really is. Now, as I have said earlier, I live in an evolved multi-dimensional conscious state in which I can expand my awareness at will to encompass many, both here and in/on other realms/worlds. I am able to travel through time and space at will, and visit anyone and anything that has ever been or will be.

I teach empowerment and truth to all who will listen, and have accepted a global position/responsibility in that capacity. I am never alone, and work with many in the higher realms to guide many here and sometimes in other places on their path to awakening and empowerment. I am no more than any of you can be. You are more than you think you are, and capable of more than you can possibly imagine in your current state of awareness. Learn the truth. Empower yourself.

6am 12/14/09 Copyright Christopher Allen Moeller

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