In the course of my life like everyone, there are unique opportunities for experiences that are on the edge of our reality and other dimensions.

I was 19-years old or so and working as a Private Duty Practical Nurse who cared for people in their homes and families with Dementia and Cancer. I lived in their homes providing Nursing and Medical Care for the Dying. 

Just being there with them through the last weeks and days of their lives was and used my intuition and the chance of learning Spiritual things from my clients who spoke of the fact of what Dying was and how to learn from others shared experience on what the Dying need the most. 

Permission by family and loved ones to actually get on with the business, of making that transition. Making amends, mending relationships, just making it okay for them to die quietly and with dignity, knowing that their families will be alright without them, offers great comfort. Touching, hand-holding, communication about what they are learning from dying.

No one wants to part with things, pets and people they love. It is just so important to say "Goodbye" and the Soul of those dying need to be told to "go into the Light, it is all right. We will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge."

I spent many nights and days simply holding hands with those who slipped into unconsciousness and sudden lucidity. Learning.

"In the Light, we can hear and see the path between this reality and what lies beyond. We are alive and watching over others in Life. Don't waste time worrying about things you can not control. Do your best to be Brave, Kind, Compassionate and Loving. Don't let old hurts prevent you from healing and getting on with life. We are all just on borrowed time, be productive not by gaining material items, but simply by being Loving and Good to everyone you meet. You knew them all in other lives and places. When you are wrong admit it even if you know you are right. Know when to simply just be still and silent in quiet. It is good for the Soul. Know when to be Gentle with yourself and others. Everyone has burdens. Be Giving of yourself honestly and openly. Always strive for Knowledge and Understanding."

Being Granted the Grace to give permission and letting go not only the Soul can pass on, but also you give yourself permission to be Granted Grace and the Grief that goes with loss becomes a Lesson in sharing in the Mysteries and Celebration of Life and Death."

Like I said in the beginning. I was very young and I learned so much from those who were transitioning into the Light.

I hope if you are struggling with Grief, this message from the other side may help you in some way. I welcome comments. May All Your Hopes and Dreams Come True. Love and Light. Suzanne Bennett

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