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The Difference between Love Spells and Psychic Healing

 By Psychic Christopher Golden


I am often answered whether or not love spells actually work.  We see them advertised everywhere.  A simple Google search will yield numerous pages of websites, nearly all of them claiming to reunite lovers in days or hours or sometimes in even just minutes.  Furthermore, these sites claim a 100 percent success rate.  And is it any surprise that they only accept payment via Western Union?

The people I have just described to you are “psychic” gypsy scam artists.  And they muddy the reputation of psychics who are honest and actually know what they are doing.  Sadly, as the internet becomes a bigger part of everyday life, gypsy “psychic” scams become increasingly more popular.  And this has actually put a few psychics out of business.  How does an honest psychic compete with sites which make such bold and extravagant promises?



I’ve been using my psychic abilities to help other people since the 1980s.  And I’ve seen a lot during that time.  I’ve spoken to thousands of people, mostly by phone, from all over the world.  I see a commonality in the types of problems which people encounter, when looking for love or trying to keep it.  I see the masterful ways that people have come up with just to cope.  But sadly I have also seen the masterful ways that too many so-called “psychics” have developed to exploit people in crisis, to take advantage just to make a quick buck.  One of those ways is to advertise magical love spells.

So, what is a love spell and does it ever actually work?  Generally speaking the intention behind a spell of this kind is to make another person feel something different or do something different.  The idea is that this person would not do or say or feel something unless a love spell was done to make it happen.

Now, here is where it gets really strange.  I have observed that some of the time these spells actually do work.  However, usually they tend to come undone.  If a person is metaphysically manipulated into doing something that is not true to them, they will almost always go back to being who they actually are.  So a love spell, at best, only produces a quick fix that will soon wear off.  However, most of the time love spells don’t even do that.  Mostly they just don’t work.

Why is that?  I would say for two reasons.  Number one, the gypsy scam artist has no intention of casting any spell.  They just tell you what you want to hear, give you a false sense of urgency, tell you were to Western Union them their money, and from there either stop taking your calls – or else start calling you often, asking for more money for more “supplies”.  If you tell them no, they try to scare you with frightening “predictions”.  If you threaten to go to the police, they threaten to put a spell on you or even your entire family in order to shut you up.  Bad vibes all around.

The other reason why love spells do not generally work, other than the fact that they aren’t even being cast in the first place, is that they lack a certain metaphysical mojo.  Love spells are typically rooted in superstition.  Like so much of the nonsense coming out of the booming new age industry, love spells combine ridiculous superstations with layers of fear, denial and wishful thinking. 

Simply put, love spells are a waste of time, money and emotional energy.  So if love spells don’t work, what does?



So-called “reality” has many different dimensions to it.  But for simplicity, let us say that there is the physical and the metaphysical.  In the physical world, you are your body, you are your thoughts, and you are your personal history.  You are many roles you play, sister, father, account, trapeze artist (hopefully you are not actually playing all of those roles at once).  You are as the world sees you and you are as you see yourself.  And your existence has a beginning, a middle and an end.  Such is the nature of material reality and its manifestations and limitations.

But then there is the less talked about realm and that is the metaphysical world.  It’s a fancy word “Metaphysical” but it basically just means the non-physical realm.  So who are you in the non-physical realm?  You are not your body or your name or your social roles or your history or even your thoughts and feelings.  You are what some people tend to refer to as a soul.

So we’re both things.  We are these flawed and finite beings, with aches and pains and sickness and heartache and hopes and dreams.  And we are simultaneously these incredible transcendent beings – “spiritual beings having a human experience”.  One of my roles as a Spiritual Counselor is to help others awaken to this higher reality.

So Psychic Healing is when we elect to heal that part of ourselves, or in others, which is not bound by the limitations of time and space.  When we overcome the trauma and the pain, which has imprinted on our souls, we enter the realm of Psychic Healing.  We break free of negative karmic patterns, we remove hidden obstacles, we overcome a consciousness which is rooted in fear and we open up our hearts and the hearts of others.

And this is done in a number of ways, but if you go to a psychic to do it, it’s often called “Psychic Healing”.



So why can’t we just heal by going to therapy?  You can, up to a point, if your goal is simply to gain insight into your pathology or to modify your behavior in some way.  But if you seek deep and lasting transformation, then it is healing of a spiritual nature that you’re looking for.  And nothing less will do.

Specifically, I’m sure by now nearly everyone has seen a diagram of the human body, with a map of the major Chakras on it.  But in case you have not, or to refresh your memory, I have provided one below:

Much of the time when people call me and ask, “how do I get my ex back?” the answer is you can’t. It’s over.  Move on.  But sometimes you can.  Most of the time I can provide advice on how to do this.  But sometimes I am able to perform Energy Work.  This is psychic energy healing or just “Psychic Healing”.  And generally what that involves is locating those Chakras, say in your ex-lover, where the fear is hiding, and moving the energy up into the heart Chakra.  It’s relatively simple to understand but not as simple to pull off.  I only recommend it when I truly believe that this will work.

I have found, time and time again, that by opening a person’s heart Chakra, if they had been blocked, they will come back to the one they love.  And furthermore, if the healing is done right, their heart will remain open.  I prefer this over a love spell, needless to say.



In the psyche there is no time or space. Healing can be done without me being in the same room as a person, and without their knowledge.  But I always get the soul’s consent.  This can be done remotely, even from the other side of the world.  In fact, one part of the globe where I have a big concentration of clients is Dubai, in the UAE.  And I have conducted numerous successful psychic healings for people in Dubai, from my home office in Beverly Hills, California.

Psychic Healing is always better than a love spell.  There are numerous ways to achieve this and seeing a qualified psychic is just one of those ways.  This type of work is what I am asked to do most often, second only to providing accurate psychic advice.

I hope this has cleared up any confusion or misconceptions about the difference between love spells and Psychic Healing.  If I can be of further assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at:


Psychic Christopher Golden

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