The body is not the self; it is only a suit we use to interact in the physical world. When we leave it, we ascend to higher realms, and so the journey moves ever forward. It is merely another stage in the progression of the soul.

We should not be merely passengers in life, but active participators; making our life and the lives of those around us more enjoyable and empowered.

When a loved-one leaves a body and ascends, may we have the selfless grace to celebrate their liberation and progression, instead of mourning the loss of the subject of our own attachment. May we celebrate the good times, the good work, and most importantly the love shared.

That's how I want my passing to be perceived, and that is why I live with one goal in life: to learn and grow, and help others do the same with love and peace.

If I died tomorrow, my only sadness would be my own failure to avoid distractions and make every moment count. I have already saved lives, and the impact of my life is much more positive then negative.

I remember other lives I have lived on this and possibly other worlds, and I know that I will return again to continue to help others along their path with my knowledge and experience as a guide through the jungle of life.

I was ready to leave when I was in seventh grade, and my state of being and my impact on others was nothing compared to what it has been since. If I died tomorrow, and I weighed my life, I would be satisfied with the balance of negative verses positive; and I would move on in peace.

Very few people can say that, and I would like to encourage all who read this to consider how they live their lives. Weigh it now while you have the chance to change it. Are you living your highest and best? What will be your legacy when you leave? Will how you spend your time now matter when you leave your body?

If you died tomorrow, what would you want to change about your life? Change it now, and live as if each day could be your last. I did this when I was a child, and it has significantly impacted my entire life. Way the importance of how you choose to spend your time in a 1-10 scale. Write it out, and evaluate your daily living priorities.

A word of caution: If you have friends who are a waste of time, as I did and many I know do, it may be hard to change your priorities and not spend as much time participating in their wasteful behavior; especially if your romantic partner is one of them.

You have to decide what is worth your time, and who. There is one thing many people do not consider in this matter. You are empowering and encouraging their behavior by participating in it. If no one participated with them, they would find it much harder to waste their time because no one likes doing things alone.

Though they may find it painful, and even resent you in the moment for not wanting to spend time doing what they want to do; they are being selfish, and in their hearts they know it. Whether you see the impact or not, you will be a positive encouragement and wake-up call for them, and they may thank you for it later.

Be careful who you empower and what example you lead. Many people think they can't make a difference, but they forget that anyone can make a difference. I was often told when I was a child that "one man can't change the world", "you can't help everyone" and encouraged not to try; even by those who claimed to be Christians!

This is blind foolishness. We all know of people like Einstein and Martin Luther King and dozens of others who have each changed the world. Many of you have attended CEO Space and met the world changers like Mark Victor Hansen, Lisa Nichols, Berny Dhorman, and Bob Proctor. We can all do that.

We may not have the resources and alliances yet to advertise what we do to the world, and we may not be ready yet, but each of us has a circle of influence. We all have a network of people that we can inspire and significantly impact in a positive way.

It's worth losing the superficial, fear-based, selfish people we mistakenly call "friends" or "family" who don't even know us or really care about us. It's worth the ridicule and confrontation of the shadow trying to maintain control of people's minds.

Please, for all our sakes, BE the person you know in your heart you should be. Let go of the fear and insecurity that holds you back. Live in the knowledge that anything could happen tomorrow and your time could be up in this body.

Every day is a chance to be a positive or negative influence on those around you. BE the change you want to see in the world, and I promise it will happen. Many of us are doing it every day, and seeing real results. All you have to loose are the unimportant things.

Love, peace, and empowerment to you all. Namaste.
Copyright Christopher Allen Moeller11/7/09

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