For about the past 3 weeks I have seen a ghost that is walking around my neighbors house in a circle. She circles the house and stops in front of their windows and appears as if she is looking in. I thought, well that seems strange that a ghost would be doing this. On the side of the house closest to mine she looks like a blob of light. I can only see features of her face. But when she gets to the other side of the house furthest from mine I can see her reflection through the window of the other side of the house as she stops to look in. She is wearing a red shirt and she has red lipstick on. She has very black hair and caucasion skin. I would not say that she was beautiful, but she does have some attractive features. She seems to be very plain looking if it was not for the lipstick she was wearing.


Well, my daughter just told me that they are upset with us because they think we are looking in their windows. Which we are not doing. I said, No, it is not us, it is the ghost. They must feel the presence of her looking in the windows or maybe even seeing her looking in.


My daughter said, Just try to tell them that and see if they believe you.


Hmmm...I am hoping that this ghost does not cause us to have a neighborhood feud. I like my neighbors and I feel bad that they think that we are looking in on them. I have not been able to get any communication from her to find out why she is doing this odd behavior and what her attachment is to these people or to the house. Very strange. I think I will spend some time figuring out how to help these people to know it is not us looking at them. Who knows since she is fond of windows maybe some crystal gazing would be helpful? I don't know. Just one of those strange predictaments that having the ability to see the energies that others can't see causes. How bizarre!!! This ghost seems very focused and the energies have been very difficult to read. I mean, she is not broadcasting her intentions or reasoning. Just doing it right out in the open for those of us who can see them to see it plainly. So the only thing I know is that she circles the house and stops in front of the windows. I wonder if she is stopping to look at herself like the windows are mirrors or if she really is looking in the windows.



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