What is the significance of the date 09-09-09?

Is there a hidden meaning in the significant way this number has been written? I am sure that in astrology that there is a special alignment occurring in the cosmos.

Are dates, like this one, that jump out at you because of the uniqueness of the sequences of the numbers? Do they have a special meaning?

Do they spell out a particular meaning for the general population of the world? Or just for the individuals that may notice their uniqueness?

For a child coming into this world in this period of time, it will indicate their life course that they will follow throughout their lives. This life path number will influence all the days of their lives.

There is much that can be written just on the life path number. The uniqueness of 09-09-09 is that when added together the sum is 27, which is reduced back to 9 (2+7=9).
In Numerology the zero (0) has unlimited potential, for it is the beginning or source of all the energy that the numbers represent.

But the full version of the 09/09/2009= to 9+9=18/9+2=11/2+9=11/2, which is a master number of spiritual enlightenment. So there is a difference in the meaning of the number as written in the life path number formula. The life path number tells you what lessons you’re working on in this life this time around. The children born today will be working towards spiritual enlightenment in so many different degrees, in so many different facets.

What is the significance of this date of triple 9’s that still render to 9?

The meaning of the number 9 is: the nine completes the cycle of the things started in the 1, because 1 is the beginning, the leader, the starter of the project; while the 9 is the finisher, the completer, the ending and the master of the project.

This number 9 is one of the highest potency because it has all the energy of the other numbers infused into it, because of how the energies all flow to a completed cycle and the nine is the end of the cycle.

There are two suggestions that this number brings about and that it is an end or a completion of things, and also in the same instants suggest a mastery over something, that will lead to something new
From this view point, using the number as written the meaning could be seen as a completion of a ten year cycle from the beginning of one to the beginning of another.

From the 01-01-01 till now 09-09-09 the divine source has been working on the project that was set forth.

Whatever this energy project that was set in motion back on 01-01-2001 perhaps has come to a finish on 09-09-09. All the fine lines of the webs of designs of all the events that has occurred during this time period has been a preset plan set in motion by the cycle of events, similar to wheels in a cog, turning one into the other, as one ends a new phase of the old has been picked up and started to again.

This year of 2009 equals to 11/2, which is a master number energy, of spiritual enlightenment.

For even natures teaches us there are cycles and seasons to every thing in this material world, there are ebbs and flows of the universal energies as there is in the tides of the seas, as there are under water currents or rivers that flow and follow a preset path through the vast oceans.

It is the same with the universal energies. We are spirit dwelling within a corporeal temple of flesh, a biological car, if you will; traveling in this material realm and learning.
If energies follow the pattern set forth by the very nature around us, according to its own particular nature and elements. If each number of the day represents a certain energy that rules that day, whether it is for a life path number.

If each day’s calendar number represents the energy present for that day for us to be aware of and to tap into and to use in a positive manner, then what is the meaning of the purpose of this “nine” of this date?

Some of the positive words associated with the nine is that it is one of completion and perfection.

The divine source releasing the energy on that date 01-01-01 has sent out to do what it was intended to do and was completed on 09-09-09.
Nothing that the divine sends forth comes back void or empty it accomplishes what it has intended to accomplish.

Does this energy apply to this date; this date is the ninth.

The energy that resonates today is that of compassion and of being a sensitive to the person and to their needs. The humanitarian energy is strong on the days that is nine or reduces to nine, like the 18th or the 27th.
The energy of this day is one of patience and tolerance and universal understanding to all people.

Since the sum ending of 09-09-09 is 27=9 I tend to lean towards the positive.

The energy of this number and it is multiplied by 3 increasing the potential for all the positive aspects of the energy represented; as well as the negative.

Perhaps the lesson of today is to accept life as it is, and forgive those who have trespassed against you and let it go; release it to the universe of positive energy to absorb and for the negativity to become impotent, useless.

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