Note: This is a response to questions about one of my photos on Facebook led to the fact that my eyes change colors and have gone purple when I got angry. She wanted to know if getting angry/in a fighting mood was
the only time my eyes changed to purple.

Hello Dominique :) The following are the only circumstances under which I have been told it (the purple) occurred. In fact, if it hadn't been
said by more than one person, I probably still wouldn't believe it. Not
only do my eyes change color, but sometimes glow.

I have seen them start to turn reddish once when I was a child. Before I tell you this, it feels important to note one thing. I have always
known that I was "different", long before I learned about intuition and
human potential. I have always had this deep fear of “letting go” when
I got angry and seriously hurting or killing people, to the point of
getting visions of it. I didn't explore the source of this until a few
years ago. The closest I ever got to fully “releasing my anger” on
someone was also the only time I may have seen my eyes be other than
blue, green or gray (which I have been able to change by power of will).

In junior high I was attacked by several bullies in the school bathroom. I was so angry that for the first time in my life I started to gather my
energy to attack the one who hurt me most (kicked the stall door, which
swung back and pinned me between the door and the side wall).

When I came out of the bathroom stall and started hollering at them, they seemed unusually scared and surprised, and I had the feeling there was
more that they were reacting to than just my words. That's significant
not only because they were the top school bullies, but because one of
them was over 6ft and could slam dunk (we were all in seventh grade and
I was one of the shortest boys in my class).

Luckily the teacher came in and escorted me out before I let loose. I was literally thinking about pulling his arms out of their sockets. On the
way out I looked in the mirror, and noticed a reddish/slightly purple
tint in my eyes: and I don't mean the whites. I didn't ask them about
it later, but I wondered about it off and on for months and still do
once in a while.

I was suspended for several days for using a couple cuss words, they were given detention and didn't show up, got assigned detention again and
didn't show up to that one either, and that's the last I heard about
it. This was a christian school, and the tall bullie's parents were
rich. Don't you just love corrupt management?

It was within the next few years that I really started dealing with spiritual warfare, and after high school it was spiritual warfare that
lead to the next time a person told me that my eyes changed to purple.
One of my students at the time was not very positive, had low self
esteem and all kinds of issues. She was also a semi-insomniac, and so
we used to meet up and talk in the middle of the night at her house, at
a church around the corner, or at a park a few streets down.

We had many interesting encounters those nights, as either her negativity or potential if awakened (I never went back and intuited which attack
came from which aspect) and my (at that time) “uncloaked” energy
frequency, which “they” can track, brought spies and attacks almost
every time we met. We often met out at the other locations, which of
course are dark in the middle of the night, but one time (before I made
a habit of shielding each house I entered and clearing out any unwanted
beings) we were attacked at her home because she was “powering up” as
she started to “awaken” during one of my spiritual coaching sessions.

As usual, I fought them off, but because we were in her house the lights were on and she finally got a look at my eyes after the fight. She was
always making a big deal out of little things and exaggerating, (she
was a typical blonde soap-opera watching drama queen), and so I didn't
believe her. By the time I got to the bathroom, I had already been
focusing on calming down and “defusing”, so my energy and therefore my
eyes had almost returned to normal. They were an odd gray with a vague
glow, and I was amused, but that was a lot closer to blue and more
natural than purple so I doubted her story.

I don't remember ever seeing my eyes gray before that point, but there was rarely a mirror around when I was fighting before, and so I may
have just never had the opportunity. I vaguely remember a friend
telling me about my eyes going gray a few years before that, but I
thought she was just exaggerating or seeing inaccurately because of a
lack of lighting in the house.

Now that I think about it, it's odd that I made this progression of learning about my eyes changing first between blue and green, then to
gray, then to purple as I grew up; and each time had a hard time
believing despite the changes I had previously known about. Yes, it's a
progression from natural to more and more unusual, but I wonder why I
was so hesitant to believe even after I had become aware of several
progressions. Ah, now I remember; because I didn't want to believe I
was more “weird” than I already knew I was.

It's probably related to my fear, which I later discovered was quite valid, that if I was discovered by the government they would kidnap and
experiment on me. That might sound like a normal fear to some of you
given the TV shows you have now, but I was quite sheltered and had no
TV for most of my life. We also didn't have/know about many energy
technologies back then, and I didn't discover/confirm until recently
that we have the technologies to track such relatively small energy

A few years back, I was at a bar singing karaoke with a friend of mine and a few of hers. After they closed for the night, we were in the
parking lot getting ready to leave, and a guy made a comment about
something. I don't remember what it was, but I commented back and I
guess he was drunk because he totally misunderstood what I said (I
figured out and he confirmed later). He came over and got in my face
about it and tried to start a fight.

I tried to reason with him and figure out what he was upset about, but he didn't want to talk, he just wanted to fight, and so (after several
minutes of discussion) he pushed me and started getting in my face
again. At that point I decided patience and logic weren't working and
that I was going to have to fight him, and so I started “powering up”
as some people call it. My friend and another friend of hers both felt
it, and reacted quickly. My friend tried to get between us and get him
to calm down, the other girl said she was leaving and hurried to her

He didn't like that too much. He started verbally abusing her, so I told her to get behind me. As I was trying to get her out of harm's way, he
said something that finally made sense, and I suddenly figured out that
he was confused and operating on a misunderstanding. I tried to explain
to him what I had really said, but he still just wanted to fight. I
refused, so he spit in my face, but I didn't want to hurt him anymore,
and so I held my ground and focused my intention on not fighting and
helping him see what was going on. I can't remember if he finally gave
up and left on his own, or if one of his friends backed him off at that
point, but he ended up driving off.

My friend started trying to calm me down, but I wasn't that upset and hadn't lost control of my emotions, so I was confused by her behavior.
When I asked her why she thought I was so upset, she said that my eyes
had turned purple.

The guy ended up driving back while we were talking and got out and apologized. He admitted that he actually hadn't heard what I said and
was just upset about some other event in his life and was looking to
fight someone to release his anger. He offered to buy me dinner and a
drink or something.

It was a real testament to standing up for what you believe in, maintaining emotional control and intuitive awareness. As many other
times in my life, I knew that I was being guided by “a higher power”.
Anyway, I think her friend later admitted she had seen my eyes change
too and that it was part of the reason she got scared and left.

I had been told the same thing by one of two other friends over the years, but I wasn't sure I could trust them. This friend of mine I
believed I could trust, and at that time I had learned much better how
to feel people and tell when they were lying. Obviously I had also
learned to control my emotions and my ego, so that nothing got in the
way of my intuition when I needed it.

I knew she was being honest, and realized that the others were telling the truth as well. I kept thinking about it for days and even weeks,
and eventually remembered the first story I just told when I had seen
my eyes change color. I also started paying more attention to my eyes,
which lead to the realization of why it was happening and how to change
both my eye color and the size of my irises.

Well, that's it. These are the clearest memories of when my eyes turned purple. However, as I was writing this I decided to ask one of my
closest and longest friends about it; since I don't remember asking
anyone about my eye changes in a few years. Not only did she tell me
that she has seen my eyes change to purple several times when I wasn't
angry or preparing for a fight, but she remembers seeing my eyes glow
and even turn almost white once (without a glow) when I was very happy
while holding my new-born daughter. I have never heard this before! It
apparently shocked her.

Apparently, the times she has seen my eyes turn purple were when I was being extremely mischievous, especially around a comical character, much like
a clown, who was a friend of mine years ago. Apparently she has notices
that the more mischievous I am being, the brighter purple my eyes glow.

Thank you for asking! If you hadn't asked me, I probably wouldn't have asked my friend and found out these important details!

Now I'm going to have to experiment in front of my video camera sometime and see if I can film it happening! Maybe someone else has been seen
with purple eyes when being mischievous and inspired the Cheshire Cat
in Alice In Wonderland? HeHeHe

Apparently stating this and smiling to my friend about it brought on a slight purple glow! I just might have it! Bwahahahaha

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