The public health is one of the most important branches of the health sector. Public health is referred to as science guarding and improving the lives of families and the community through encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Public health is also overall involved in exposure and regulation of infectious diseases and research for illness and injury prevention. Unlike other sciences, public health is seen as the first line of defense in the health care sector against diseases and infection while curative science is seen as the last line of defense for disease and infection.

Public health is tasked with the effort of protecting the health a small community to an entire region of the world and a country. This task is achieved by effecting education programs, organizational services, policy recommendation, and conducting research. Being a public health professional enables you to work globally to address policies that affect the health of communities and society as a whole. They are also responsible for activities such as vaccination of children, family planning, sex education, educating people on alcohol tobacco, and substance abuse. These health practitioners are also responsible for setting safety standards that protect workers in a working environment by inspecting the work premises to certify if it is adequate for human living. (CDC Foundation.2016).

Public health officers are also expected to inspect food outlets, slaughter house, bakery’s, manufacturing firms, business premises, and food processing firms to ensure they reach the required health requirements. They are also tasked with responsibilities of generating a nutrition program for children. The Public health sector can boast about the detection of some of their work to stop the virus before they can spread into large masses and cause an outbreak. They research the cause of the spread of these diseases, the origin, and target population, cure, and prevention methods. When the Ebola outbreak was declared, a public health emergency, the World Health Organization sent a team of health officers whose main responsibility was to detect and manage cases, trace down their victim's entire contact, and prevent the spread of the diseases (Haskell et al., 2009).

Population health can be distinct as the health consequences demographic for a group of people of a particular age group and the distribution of particular health criteria. According to essay writing service, population strength is measured by the mortality rate, life expectancy, and summary measurement of population health. Health population mortality rate can be measured by the number of death certificates issued by the government to the population. Population health is also derived from the number of deaths which occur and to which age group. The number of expected births is also a tool to be used for measure the population health as it shows the life expectancy for a certain population (Uottawa. 2016).

Public health has numerous values to the community: one of the major functions is that it creates society awareness. These health practitioners assist the community in living a responsible health living as they give advice on nutrition and protective living. The value of public health in a community is that there is a high possibility of low mortality rate in a community and high expectancy rate. The other value of having a public health in a community is that there is the quick detection of any disease infection before it spreads.

The public health is more or less responsible for our environment and how clean and disease free it is. Public health is as important as curative medicine as it used as an alert for new diseases and virus outbreaks. Curative medicine depends on research from the public health to be able to treat diseases.

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