Preview - An Introduction To The New Universal Paradigm™

Topics Of Interest:

Uncovered & Recovered: New Information, Old Truths & Hidden Secrets of:
Ø The Sciences
Ø Religion & Spirituality
Ø Wealth & Business
Ø Psychology
Ø Health and Medicine
Ø Archeology & Our History

2012 and The Shift
Ø Prophecies & Propaganda, Fact Or Fiction?
Ø Solar System Changes
Ø Earth Changes
Ø Human Species Changes - The New Humanity

Controversial Issues
Ø Quantum Physics & Our Multi-Dimensional "Reality"
Ø Consciousness & It's Effect On "Reality"
Ø Human Potential, Psychic/Spiritual Awareness & Abilities
Ø Uncovered and Recovered Technologies
Ø Secrets to Good Health, Money, Success & Happiness
Ø The Truth About "UFO's" and Life On/In Other Worlds
Ø Quantum/Spiritual/Psychic Warfare
Ø The truth behind “The Boogy Men”, “Monsters”/”Demons” under the bed and in the closet, and other stories of psychic/spiritual child harassment and even abduction

(Please excuse the lack of indentations in the outline. FB and Ning do not seem to accept them. They show up in the Edit, but not in the post.)

Condensed Outline:
I. Why Is The Paradigm (World View) Changing?

II. Why Is This Important? How Does It Affect Us?
A. These principles help us understand and frame our perspective of ourselves
B. They help us understand how our world works

III. How Is The Paradigm Changing?
A. History Of Mechanical Science - Theory & Dogma
B. History Of Religious Belief Systems
1. Major World Religions - Analysis
C. The Developing Universal Paradigm: Facts And Theories
1. Uncovered & Recovered: New Information, Old Truths & Hidden Secrets
2. 2012 and The Shift: What’s Really Going On?
a) Prophecies & Propaganda, Fact Or Fiction?
b) Our Planet & Solar System Is Changing
(1) Why? What is causing this change?
(2) How is it changing?
c) We Are Changing - New Humanity
(1) How are we changing?

IV. Implications: What Does This Mean For Us?
A. Everything Can And Will Change, Nothing Stays The Same
B. We can now understand how our world works, how and why it changes
1. In Time
2. On Multiple Levels
3. This gives us the ability to understand and predict changes in our world
C. These principles give us a greater, truer understanding of ourselves
1. We gain a deeper understanding of why and how things happen to us
2. We Can Influence SOME Forces That Shape Our Lives
a) Quantum Programming™ & Flow Applied:
(1) Health
(2) Money
(3) Position in life
(4) Relationships
(5) Business
(6) Much more
b) New Technologies That Are Being, Have Been, And Can Be Developed

V. Applications: How Can We Use This Knowledge?
A. Unlimited Potential Uses!
B. Learn To Work With The Natural Systems
C. Develop & Empower Ourselves & Each Other
D. Fix Our Country
E. Fix Our World

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