Overcoming Betrayal - by Psychic Christopher Golden

Few things are as painful as opening up your heart to somebody, your body, your trust, only to be lied to and disrespected. It's hard to imagine sometimes that this was once somebody whom you could not wait to spend time with, to share yourself with. How can a person present themselves to be one way, only to turn around and stab you in the heart?

Sadly, this happens all the time. Sometimes this is the result of bad choices, sometimes it's not your fault at all, and sometimes this happens due to a bad karmic cycle. Every case is different. Sometimes relationships can heal from betrayal and sometimes they cannot. In our session together, I will be able to read the energy and advise you as to what the best course of action is, and to tell you whether or not the outcome you desire is in fact the best path to purse. It is important to break the cycle of bad mistakes, if this was the result of bad judgement. But so often betrayal happens to those who simply do not deserve it and need to break out of this cycle. 

Breaking out of the grip of pain which comes with betrayal isn't easy, and you shouldn't have to do it all alone. Guidance, advice and friendship are often needed. Sometimes your relationship can be healed, and sometimes the best thing you can do is to get as far away from this person as possible. I will be able to tell you which choice is best. And remember, it is a choice. 

I am interested in working with clients who want to break out of bad cycles once and for all. If you are looking for real love, whether it is improving the relationship you have, getting your relationship back, or simply starting something new, I can help. 

If you're in a repeating cycle, I will work with you to break that cycle. If the person you are with is in a downward spiral, I can intervene to stop things from getting worse. Either way, whatever your situation is, I have years of experience and numerous happy clients whom I have served over the years. If you are ready to break free of heart ache and begin to live your life in a way that is happy and fulfilling, I do hope you will contact me so that we can talk soon. 

Psychic Christoper Golden



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