Note: This article was written in response to “Do You Believe In Miracles? Most Americans Do” aired on Talk Of The Nation on NPR

The most common definition I have heard for "miracles" is "an unexplained event", which is obviously vague and faulty. There are many who debate the existence of miracles, given the knowledge we now have about the nature of the universe and greater cause and process behind "unexplained" occurrences. I hear many things called "miraculous" and "unexplained" that with my 10+ years in personal development, psychic phenomenon, and quantum physics study I could easily and logically explain in terms everyone can understand.

I have been researching the proof and science behind what most people do not comprehend and have the ability (or at least belief) to accomplish. As a child I found myself able to do things most people didn't even believe in, let alone comprehend; and often dedicated the majority of my time to this research. I am now writing a series of books and educational programs on the subject, including one called “Demystifying The 'Mystical': The Quantum Science Of 'Miracles', 'God', and Being A 'Child Of God'.”

In this book I present the scientific proof I have been gathering all my life that God exists, as well as how the universe works and what our place is in it. I will show that as “children of God”, we are created with the ability to re-shape our lives and the world around us. I use these terms not as my own religious terminology, but as part of framing this message to the American mind; which has been clouded and distorted by religious dogma using those terms. My goal is to overcome ignorance with education, and free the populous from their limiting beliefs.

Until the last one to two centuries, we did not (or it was not admitted publicly) have the technology to observe the deeper causes behind phenomenon because we could not observe deeper levels of reality than matter itself, and even understand the nature of matter; let alone the forces behind matter and creation. However, quantum physics & mechanics allows a greater understanding of cause, and therefore the subject must be carefully revisited in light of this new/recovered information.

I say recovered because millenia ago this information and even more was known already. We have lost substantial information and technology, and much of the proof has been covered up in archeology and many other fields to save academia embarrassment at the cost of our health, development and understanding. This is the tip of the iceberg, but I will leave that exploration for another time.

The philosophy of separation between what we now call the physical and spiritual is a fallacy developed by extremists, starting in approx. 600BC by debating philosophers and their followers, and continuing to the present state of extremism and ignorance we experience today. The best description of this progressing degradation, that I have found, is in the book considered by many to be required reading for any beginning quantum physics student: "The Tao Of Physics" by Fritjof Capra. As was believed for thousands, if not tens of thousands of years before this extremism distorted our thinking; Science has proven the unity of all things, (known in quantum physics as "entanglement"), and found that the physical is not separate from the spiritual, but rather that the physical is a denser manifestation of the energy of what is called "spirit".

We also have uncovered more of the creation and recreation process itself through these studies. What was once considered chaos is now seen to be merely apparent chaos, and the order behind this chaos can be not only determined but mapped. We can now explain, and some of us teach, the scientific principles of the programming behind our world, (also appropriately called the Divine Matrix/Mind Of God), and the ability of spiritually progressed/experienced beings to influence that programming.

This is the reason for the widespread acceptance by and recommendation of doctors to various systems of energy healing, including but not limited to the ancient system of Reiki, the more modern and basic version of Therapeutic Touch, light and color therapy, and various other forms. NASA has also been using and researching light technologies, including medical uses for cancer patients.

The principles behind all systems of energy healing are based on these ancient understandings and arts of applying the science behind the observed world. We are now able to document, observe and literally change/reprogram the higher/deeper levels of “reality” to achieve a wide array of outcomes, and I teach these principles in my “Quantum Empowerment”TM and “Quantum Programming”TM classes.

We can literally change every aspect of and problem with our lives by applying these principles, and I think the Millennial generation is simply more open and educated on the subject than the rest of the population. We have more free time and clarity of mind because we are not as caught up in the “rat race” which envelops the daily schedule of most of the population. We are also being born with more balanced brains (see for such research) and heightened senses, as evidenced by the fact that many of us can see more of the ultra-violet spectrum than former generations.

We are experiencing an evolutionary shift in awareness and ability, due in part to the energetic shift taking place in our sun and its radiation. Since the energies bombarding this world have a significant effect on us, especially when our bodies are developing (as documented by the Science of astrology which seems to have been lost as a science during the 600BC and ensuing collapse of knowledge, if not before), our energetic structure and frequency is literally higher than former generations.

Because of this fact, it is easier for us to “tune in” to and observe/sense the frequencies that were formerly “out of range” for most of humanity which had not yet spiritually advanced. This, I believe, is why most of us believe in miracles other “spiritual/psychic/intuitive phenomenon”and experience them more commonly than others.

As has been proven through many scientific studies, the frequency of our brainwaves allows us cognition of streams of consciousness information that most others simply are not aware of, just as during deep sleep our brainwaves “tune in” to the same frequency of the energy field of the earth (7.5-8Hz at the time of the studies I read years ago, but I have heard that this has changed along/in correlation with the energies of the sun and the rest of the solar system as documented by NASA). This is why brainwave research and entrainment technologies for meditation and therapeutic uses have been so popular and effective.

There are few if any unexplained phenomenon any more, and more commonly simply an ignorance of the higher levels and sciences behind the events. Once these principles are understood and applied in mainstream education and culture, our world will become/be seen and amplified to be a world we once would have called magical. Healings and other psychic/spiritual abilities and phenomenon, technologies and societal structures once viewed as science fiction are now understood and taught through science. Our religions have placed our beliefs in boxes, and so Millennials commonly avoid them to avoid limitation and misinformation.

Because we are more intuitive, we commonly retain the ability to perceive mistruth and deception, which often leads to conflict with our defensive, mentally boxed parents, elders and employers who are brainwashed into blindness. This is not a judgment, but another scientific truth proven in recent studies. Believing illogical theories actually distorts the thinking and awareness capacity of the individual, and makes them prone to psychotic/destructive behavior. It can result in a mental paralysis that is very similar to animals which lack the awareness to act on anything but instinct. They become slaves to their own brainwashing. I'll leave you to theorize and research as to whether or not this is being done on purpose.

Watch us carefully, for as the more observant and educated coming leaders of this age; you may discover much in us that will lead you to freedom of mind and soul, as well as the destructive nature of the common social belief system and existence. We are seekers of the truth, and what we seek we find.

© Christopher Moeller 2/23/2010
Quantum Empowerment Coach/TrainerTM

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