North Korea Wants Recognition, Not War, But...

 they are prepared to go to war to gain the recognition they think they deserve....

While the US is probably not in any real danger of attack, I do feel that South Korea, Japan or the Philippines very well may be... North Korea has a point to make... and intends to some time around April 15th, to celebrate Kim Jong-un's birthday. We have been concerned about North Korea's aggressive tendencies since before their Kim Jong-un's father died... (See a history of our comments about N. Korea in our annual predictions, and most recently our monthly predictions below.)

Kim Jong-un is a megalomaniac...a man with an inflated sense of self-esteem who overestimates his powers. What is scary about this man is that while he lacks any real understanding of the current worldview, he is crafty and has made some strong alliances with countries like Syria and Iran to supply nuclear power... and even though they are starving, his people believe in him.

The saber-rattling at this time, serves a number of purposes... the missile launch is something of a product display for those countries that have been purchasing nuclear know-how and equipment from North Korea. He is also wanting to show off to his people, give them something to celebrate on his birthday. And perhaps most importantly, it is an attempt to establish some position on the world stage and to create fear in what he perceives are his enemies, the US and any country that supports them.

I see him beating the war drum with one hand, while the other is reaching out for aid, for acknowledgment and acceptance, as well as for trade...

When I draw cards on this situation, I am seeing that there will be delays, but then there is some form of attack probably within the next week. But I don't know that it will have the effect that they expect... a sense that N. Korea has not yet fully mastered the technology... and perhaps also that this missile can be diverted... I have a sense of a big bang and then a big splash...

Kim Jong-un wants to be seen and heard... fortunately, the universe seems to be conspiring to prevent him from causing any real pain at this time... however, if our leaders were wise they would begin now to make some serious efforts to disarm him. This event serves as our second warning... let us act now to avoid disaster in the future.


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Comment by Staci Netterville Courtade on June 6, 2014 at 1:40am

     We are lucky to have people like you, mrs.Danielle Daoust! Thank you for reporting the information you've received. I understand this was written or posted in 2013, although I'm just now seeing it, this post has given me the encouragement today to share some serious information I've been getting tomorrow. Thank you!  



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