Copyright Christopher Allen Moeller 11/18/09 5:15am - an update from my journal

I have been instructed to update this journal in light of what occurred
following the post of “The Message” and my related journal entry.

First, I had an amazing day which ended with getting my final attunement as a
Reiki Master and subsequent visitation and welcoming back from monks
spiritually that I had known before in other lives when serving before
in the orient. It was a real surprise; I expected my old teacher to
show up, but not about a dozen months of two or three different sects.

However, I was planning to go out of town with one of my students to a psychic
arts fair; but our ride canceled. I followed my intuition and found a
ride, and was warned that I would be given a way home as well. I didn’t
think much of it until I got a phone call saying that our only working
car, (my car was already taken out of commission by “The Shadow”
several months ago), was thought to have blown the radiator and I
wouldn’t have a ride back.

As predicted, I ended up meeting and getting a ride back with my Reiki trainer, had diner with him and several
friends, and got my final Reiki attunement. The car problem turned out to be the
heater core that had cracked open and dumped its contents on the
passenger side floor.

The next couple days have been a bit of a blur. My computer wouldn’t boot properly, and I spent most of the day
dealing with that. Today I went through another shift in my physical
body (restructuring of a large portion of my head), accompanied by a
fever and a bad headache.

I slept for a large potion of the day, watched several anime as research into their legends of humans of
higher consciousness being placed in position to police higher being’s
encroachment on and attempted takeover of our plane, and soon after
felt fine. Watching the anime brought back more memories and
correlating awareness of when I was the Ki Gong master of china in what
seems to be the 1600’s.

I was then drawn to youtube, where I filled out my profile and changed a few settings which effected the
videos listed on my home page. When I returned, a new Project Camelot
presentation with Alex Collier was the second video listed. I then went
to their web site and continued gathering information from their main
page and the Awake and Aware conference from September.

It is now 5:41am, and I am tired, but feel it important to continue watching
for a while and gathering more updates, though I will likely not finish
before going to bed, as the amount of conference footage is immense;
12.5hrs. It will be interesting to see what they have learned as of
late. I’m tempted to contact them and offer my assistance.

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