Every day we have experiences, and yet how conscious are we of what is really going on in these moments?

How do we perceive them?

How well do we deal with them?

All we doing all we can, both for ourselves and others?

Do we help strangers, or loved ones, or perhaps no one. Many people do not feel they have the time to help anyone, and do not even know how to help themselves.

Each day we greet people with the same empty questions and answers:

"How are you?"

I'm fine, how are you?"

"I'm doing good."

It's usually a lie, both for them and you, isn't it? Are we really "fine"? Are we really "doing good"?

Are we happy, or even at peace in our hearts and souls? Do we even feel that way once a week? Or are we too busy to feel much of anything, except for fleeting moments with a romantic partner? It fades quickly, and sometimes seems to bring more turmoil than joy. It's easy to blame others for how we feel, but at the end of the day, we know it's our choice to be around unhappy people and experience their pain.

We have other escapes; drinking, smoking, social groups, drugs/medications, clubs, work, sports; but at the end of the day, when we lay down in bed for the night, how do we Really feel?

Very few people find happiness and peace, and fewer still know any real, deep, lasting peace. For most, it is a mystery, fantasy, or even feels like a lie.

We spend most of our lives trying to run and hide from how we really feel about our lives and ourselves, or condemning ourselves for not being perfect, smart, beautiful enough to somehow make it happen.

Is there more to this life, this society, this reality, this existence we have created for ourselves?

Even being intuitive, awake and sensitive to the world and it's multiple dimensions, has its drawbacks. Being different, living an unusual life, is considered weird, scary, or imaginary. Seeing and feeling the pain and fear in the world isn't exactly the most enjoyable experience. Most people don't know how to control it, and don't know if anyone does, so they just live with the pain or destroy themselves.

And just like everyone else, if you try to suppress it, your emotions, your thoughts, you destroy yourself. It's not much different from the people who are too afraid to love or be honest or really open up, even to family members or the people they claim to love.

Thousands of years, great thinkers, great leaders, (mostly killed), and yet we still struggle with the same basic problems. We still don't understand relationships, other people, or ourselves. "Know thyself" seems like a foreign and unachievable ideal to many.

So, what's real? What's possible? Who are we? What are we really, and what are we capable of? Are we machines, like the narrow-minded scientists say? Are we spirits, like the dogmatic religions say? Why does it seem like everything is moving so fast, except people's learning?

Do you really want to know? These are serious issues, not lightly discussed, let alone understood. And once you understand, you can never go back, you can't un-learn what you have learned. Then you have to decide what to do with this understanding, yourself, and your life.

Will it give you a better life? Will it make you happier?

It can, but it's your choice. Facing the real issues of life and yourself is never easy, but I believe it is the most important and most meaningful thing anyone can do: for both yourself and the people you care for. It is by far the most important learning, and as they say, knowledge is power, isn't it?

Many who know are using this knowledge to manipulate you, so if you don't learn, you will continue to be ignorant of what is harming you. Utoh, "that sounds like a conspiracy theory, maybe this guy's a little off". I can still hear the words of the fearful sheeple I've talked with. Scared? Good, run away. If that's what you feel is right, then you're not ready to continue this discussion.

What, reading on? Think you're ready, or do you want to see if I'm crazy, and if so, how crazy I am?

Maybe I am crazy, but answer this: why are most people so unhappy? Why do so few people ever come close to achieving their dreams? Do you even know of anyone who has? How many people even feel comfortable sharing everything they feel and think with their closest loved-ones?

If so few people even have the courage to face these questions, let alone their true selves, but I am, maybe I've learned something in the process that most people are too afraid to even come close to.

Obviously somebody knows something you don't, because 90% of the money in the world is controlled by less than 10% of the population. It's not something you can learn in college, because 80-90% of college graduates, regardless of whether it's a junior college or Stanford or one of the other top colleges and universities in the world, fail to even make a middle class income. The same percentage become penniless, powerless and accomplish nothing, coming out of high school, college and university.

And again, we're just talking money, we're not even talking about happiness. Probably not even 1%, OK; let's be nice and say 5%, are really happy with the life they're living. Most people might claim to be, but you can see it in their eyes; they're not happy or even at peace.

So, obviously people are keeping secrets to success and happiness. And it's obviously not just the things taught on "The Secret", or hundreds of thousands of people would have found success and created the life they want by now; and it would have become a wildfire of success and happiness spreading around the world. Obviously most of the world isn't happy, so what's missing??

No, it's not something you can teach, it's something you have to become. This "reality", this Matrix we live in, whether it be literal or mental, is still a box. How do we know what is real, what is true? It's certainly not from people telling us. So how do we know what is true? The only way, is to experience it for yourself, isn't it?

So then, the most important things in life can not be taught, but only experienced. However, that doesn't mean we're alone in this journey of experience and truth-seeking.

No, when we are ready, we always draw someone to us, or ourselves to someone, who has experienced what we want to experience, and can guide us through the process and make it easier, bring us back if we are getting too lost and confused. We travel down the rabbit hole or through the mirror to wonderland, with a guide to point us in the right direction or warn us of potential trouble.

How do we know when we have found the right person? Well, how do we know anything? Is it because someone claims it?

No, people claim many things that are not true, and yet we somehow know when we should believe what they are saying, or just believe in them. We must follow our hearts, as many experienced travelers have told us. Let our conscience be our guide, as the cricket says.

We make a wish upon a star, take a leap of faith, and even if we fall, we pick ourselves back up and keep going. We're still alive, after everything we've been through, and we only leave when it's time.

Some people try to leave early, like someone I know who took an entire bottle of pills, twice, and came out of it without even being damaged. Some learn from that mistake on the other side, and others learn better by staying, but either way, the journey does not end there.

You've come this far, so obviously something inside of you is compelling you in some direction. What's the next step? Even if I told you, the only thing that would matter, is what feels right to you. So what is it? What feels right to you?

Should you forget all this, keep wandering around in the dark with a flashlight, or should you have a talk with the being who writes and thinks such unusual things? Like any other situation in life, you have a choice. I'm not going to try to tell you what to do, I don't believe in that, and I believe in having integrity and respecting people's free will. I sometimes make recommendations, or just present different perspectives for consideration. Sometimes I only ask questions of people who are ready to find the answers within themselves.

There is no one-size-fits-all way of doing things. Everyone is different, and wanting and ready for different things. You have the power, the power to choose, and that means more than most people can imagine. So... Choose :) Choose to follow the path to the outcome you feel is right for you. Feel what your heart is telling you, and do that.

Christopher Allen Moeller
1/08/2010 3:59am

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