Mind and Heart - Purpose and Balance in Consciousness

A response to Putting the Heart before the Course by Neal Worthington. Please read it first so you have a proper contextual understanding. Thank you. :)

Ancient Sanskrit texts (going back thousands of years before science and spiritual principle split) teach that you must balance your mind and your emotion, and use them accordingly.

The purpose of the mind is to clarify, visualize, and creatively create concepts, as well as plans with which to implement them. We use it to analyze ideas, plan our actions, and imagine new and wonderful, (and sometimes not so wonderful), possibilities.

The heart is the core of the soul, and reacts with emotion to our intuitive/multi-dimensional connection with the divine source of all things. When we focus on an idea or concept, it activates that connection and verifies the quality of what we are focusing on and how we are perceiving the subject matter. When we focus on un-beneficial things, we feel negative emotional responses. When we focus on beneficial things, we feel positive emotional responses. This acts as our internal compass, reminding us to focus on beneficial things, even thoughts, and with beneficial perspectives.

With this understanding of the true purpose of each, we can properly prioritize and plan their use/utilization. We must first find truth with the heart, and then act accordingly from this truth with the mind to create what we desire in the world properly. If what we are focusing on is a negative potential outcome, we must use the mind to find a positive solution.

For example: while coaching and mentoring my clients, family and friends; I often help them overcome their fears. To do this, I must first teach them the above concepts so that they can then understand why they feel fear. Once they understand the cause, we can the focus on finding a solution to the specific fear. We then identify what causes the negative emotion we call fear, and then change the focus from a un-desirable, non-beneficial potential outcome to actions they can take to create a positive outcome and avoid the un-desirable one.

This is a key principle in life, and one that is missing from the popular DVD "The Secret" and the minds/awareness of many who teach such principles of creating/manifesting (more accurately called co-creating) your life. Not understanding these principles leads to suffering and fear. Proper understanding And Application of these principles leads to general happiness, peace, and success.

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