It is an amazingly difficult thing to maintain an open heart and mind, especially as an empathic intuitive, when you can sense/feel when people are being deceitful; when you know the corruption of the minds and hearts of many.

I am often reminded of Counselor Troy on Star Trek: The Next Generation. She was an empath, part of a race of intuitives, and a diplomatic adviser and intermediary for the captain.

I have often thought about publicly offering such services, and recently started doing so. Until last year, I only offered these services to my coaching clients and spiritual students, and primarily worked for one millionaire in this capacity. It is not an easy thing to look into the darkness in so many hearts and minds, and maintain a positive outlook on humanity.

For most of my childhood and for many adult years, my trust was hard to earn, and I struggled with fear of deceit and abuse of my abilities if corrupt individuals found out about them. Soon after I learned/remembered more advanced psychic defense techniques, I again faced the reality that many intuitives were being abused and manipulated by various organizations: when I experienced first hand such people and organizations, and those they nearly or completely destroyed.

These were not easy things to recover from. There are times when I feel the pain of many people all at once, and have to shield myself from the energies or risk crying and mild feelings of depression. It has been hard to open up and allow people close to me, and much learning had to take place on many levels, both about people and myself.

Out of all the areas of my life, this impacted my relationships the most. Whether the relationships were with family, friends, business associates, or romantic partners; I had to face fears and learn about emotions and psychology, as well as my intuitive abilities, in order to gain the understanding required to overcome my fears and open up to people.

Helping others with relationship issues since I was a child helped in some respects, because I was familiar with many of the common situations and thinking patterns that cause many needless arguments and relationship struggles. However, it also made me keenly aware of the possible negative experiences and issues I could face when dealing with people in any situation or on any level, and manifested many of them.

One of the key things I had to learn, besides facing fears, was to keep my focus clear and concentrate on observing on all levels what the person was experiencing. Our thoughts and beliefs about others and ourselves often get in the way. Like fog in front of a windshield, and they make it hard to see what the other person is going through and why they are thinking and acting the way they are. Learning to meditate and quiet the mind is absolutely essential to avoiding needless complication and misunderstanding.

If not everyone, I know most people struggle with serious relationship and love issues. We are taught wrong thinking by our misguided family, friends, and society. There are many programs, books and magazines claiming to offer the secrets to attracting the right partner, but most of them are misguided, superficial and empty.

Relationships bring out the basic principles of love, communication, consciousness, intellect and emotion: most of which our society knows almost nothing about. Many people get into relationships and even get married based on wrong thinking, which is why the divorce rate is so high and the court battles are so ridiculous that they have become TV entertainment.

Instead of focusing on learning about and dealing with these issues; we judge, mock, and destroy the hope of many. Many chose to settle for unhappiness because they don't believe they can find happiness, or they have worn themselves out trying, and they slowly suffer and die inside and then outside.

One of the leading causes of death is heart failure. The heart is the strongest, most resilient muscle in the body. What causes it to fail? Why do we so often hear people referred to as dieing of a broken heart?

Most people don't even know how to dream of a better life any more. This has been proven time and again in business. Thinking big has become a joke to many, and so we
settle for much less than what we should, and disease becomes inevitable.

Developing my training on overcoming fear has brought back many memories. I thank God that I have come so far, and urge you to contact me if you are struggling with fear or relationship problems. I have taken the time and opportunity that most people never have to study relationships, happiness and love, fear and other emotions; and I would love to help you achieve a more joyous and peaceful life of learning and growth.

I know the pain such struggles bring, and I know that even after you overcome them, recovery isn't easy. Don't live in pain. I can help you learn about yourself, how to attract the right relationships of any kind, and how to free yourself from negative habits and thinking patterns. You can learn to love openly and live a peaceful life, free of worry and needless upset, while minimizing the potential of becoming a victim of abuse in any form and on all levels.

Copyright Christopher Allen Moeller on January 12, 2010 at 3:38am
Please obtain written permission before use. Thank you. :)

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