1:38 am 11/15/09 Copyright Christopher Allen Moeller

Oh My Gosh! I had a feeling it was important to amp up and declare that I was ready, but I NEVER EXPECTED THAT!

I wrote what I was doing before it started, so I dont' need to write it
here to remember, but WOW what a feeling! The energy and voice was
feminine, unquestionably. The divine mother, even as I question whether
I should write it she makes contact and tells me I must. Wow, what a
night! I put myself in position and, wham! Well, that makes it sound
like an impact, which it wasn’t; whoosh maybe!? A rush, a divine flow
of energy, love and peace, exhilaration and bliss filled and overflowed
my being as she delivered her message.

I acted with only split second hesitation to intuitively verify that I should write, and I was
off! Zooming across the keyboard so fast I hit some wrong keys and
missed letters, but when I stopped to correct, the energy decreased. I
queried, as usual, and was told not to worry about it and continue
writing before I messed up the flow or lost the connection.

I resumed, as did the flow. I fought my urge to correct repeatedly, feeling a moment’s decrease as it distorted the connection.

I’m still lightheaded. I’m not used to holding this higher level of
consciousness and energy. I wonder if this will be permanent. I “feel”
that I will never quite be the same again. I have taken my place and
all the power and authority of that station, as the Bible speaks of.

Apparently, this is only the beginning. Apparently I will continue to progress and
it will become easier, without the slight pain I am starting to feel
from the strain on the body. It will have to evolve again while I sleep
to adapt to the changes. There is more. My connection with her is
solidified, and for the remainder of the shift she will be in direct
contact with me, and conveying messages/orders/updates as necessary.

I’m now being introduced to some of the other leaders of various areas of
the world I will be in contact with (on one level or another). It’s
surreal that it’s finally happening, and that I’m being given this
position. A heavy responsibility, almost intimidating, almost. J

It’s still hard to think about having this high a position. Waves of concern
for my readiness and qualification float into my head, and I have to
flush them away with reminders that, as in her message, I was picked
knowing my qualifications for the position, and I have all the help I
need a thought away.

I saw the Shadow in my dream, rising to meet us as we rose. I saw it coming down toward us like a wave about to
hit the beach, but we are shielded in the vision and I am told that we
will be protected, as always. I know that I have finally revealed that
I am a higher-level player than they originally thought. They will
likely try to interfere, but I know that everything will go as was

Oh well. I will be taken care of if it happens, and our work is on a higher level than they can work or compete. It’s a low
probability anyway.

I tire, and my head hurts. I can feel the spiritual tissues moving to realign themselves to better channel the
energy and new flow of consciousness. Even when seeing the
possibilities, the peace does not leave my heart. Grateful I am for
that. As I consider going to bed, I’m told to post this first. I’m not
thrilled with the idea.

I test it, and it is true. I see the potential for conflict from those who live by fear, but it is
irrelevant. 2:15am I better post this and go to bed.

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