For those who do not know who I am, I should probably introduce myself so that you don't think I'm just some random person talking about things I know nothing or little about, as many people do.

I am a philosopher, healer, conscious channel of communications from spiritually advanced souls, spiritual/psychic warrior (jedi if you
follow the Star Wars philosophy, which has apparently now become an
official religion), business consultant, graphic and web artist,
animator, martial artist, and much more. I do not consider myself a
“master” or “guru”. I am simply a being who has existed through many
incarnations, retains much past life memory and knowledge, and
understands the causes and solutions for the suffering and spiritual
advancement of mankind. I am working with the spiritual beings of light
and peace guiding this planet into the next stage of spiritual and
physical evolution, and have been asked to convey messages from them.

I have learned that once you clear the issues, conflicts and other interferences from consciousness: it is possible to intuit (feel from
within the soul) what is appropriate “truth” to believe and what is
not. Even if one is not able to feel beyond the physical body to the
deeper levels of spirit and consciousness, it is still possible to
learn to feel and interpret the reactions of the physical body to such
higher level responses.

It becomes an internal compass by which one can discern what is appropriate to believe and what is not, and has always served me well. Like many, I have learned the hard
way to trust my intuition to avoid needless suffering, even if I didn't
like the answer. This and application/experience are my primary tools
of proving what is beneficial for my life and what is not.

These are the tools I suggest you learn and use to find your way in life. Do not blindly follow anyone or anything, including myself, but rather
seek and follow the “truth” that feels appropriate to you, wherever it
may be found, in “adult” or “child” alike. It is not the speaker which
is important, but the information that benefits your life and propels
you forward on your journey. Even if you discover later that it was not
“true”, it still benefited you at the time. Do not condemn yourself for
believing, but accept the benefit it held for you at the time and the
learning opportunity that it has presented to you now.

This consciousness clearing process is also helpful in clearing the distractions that hinder our awareness of other levels of existence
with which we are constantly and often obliviously interacting. Once
achieved, I then learned how to filter out all distracting and
potentially harmful occurrences and beings, leaving only the beneficial
experiences to focus my time and efforts on.

I am an intuitive spiritual life and business coach, mentor and trainer/educator known as The Quantum Empowerment CoachTM and founder
of Knight Development Group, soon to be known as The Quantum
Empowerment Group. I have been researching how the world really works
and what's really going on, from both a spiritual and scientific
perspective, for more than fifteen years (this incarnation). I am
currently creating a spiritual training program and book series, which
if technology lasts I will turn into a video training series. I am also
considering creating a radio/TV show, and have been for several years.

I teach/share nothing new, for there is nothing new that you require, only ancient knowledge that has been lost/covered up and is now being
recovered/restated in terms which are more appropriate to your current
perspective and level of education/experience. Those who claim to be
teaching new information are either ignorant of these facts, or are
deceiving you. This you must learn to discern for yourself, as you must
learn to discern all truth.

Anyone who doubts this should study the most ancient documents you are allowed to know about, especially the Sanskrit writings supposedly dating back to about
6,000BC. The scientific, energetic and spiritual principles (and energy
technologies), which we are only now recovering, were known to them:
along with the origin of the human species, the story of which has been
distorted and covered up over the last several thousands years.

I serve as a catalyst and a guide. I have traveled the paths you are now traveling, and am thereby able to guide you along your journey. No two
paths are the same, but the principles that govern the worlds and your
life on each level of learning/existence are the same. With my
knowledge, experience, and direct connection to source, I can help you
along your journey in may ways.

Many find these concepts hard to accept, and become defensive around anyone who they perceive to know something they do not. Because this planet has been in
a constant state of war and slavery for thousands of years, many are
full of fear and wary of oppression and judgment from those who claim
to have what others do not. To ease these fears, I will state a few of
the divine principles I live by.

We are all the same on the fundamental levels. We are all energetic manifestations of consciousness. The physical body and the physical world are not solid,
but rather varying levels of density of energy, as scientists on Earth
have been discovering for over a hundred years. No physical
manifestation is “better” or more important than any other. One's
actions may be more beneficial to self and others, but the actions are
not the “person”.

You are not separate, but because your focus is limited to the physical or lower level of manifestation out of the many, you are not aware of the extent of your spirit's
existence and interaction with others. There are none more powerful
than any other, for we all are working with and have access to the same
power. Those who have experienced and therefore learned more, though
not all learning is equal, have come to understand and develop more
access to knowledge and skills than others. This is no different than
the difference you assume between older and younger generations, and
therefore this is the best comparison.

It is no more beneficial to consider others to be less than self on the basis of spiritual knowledge and experience than it is to consider your child to
be less important because he/she has been in their human form less time
than you. It is useless to assign value to the being on the basis of
its age, knowledge, and skill. We are all divine beings interacting
with the physical world through a physical form that is not “the self”.
We all have known of people who are much older than ourselves who do
not understand what we do and who judge us in these ways.

Instead of seeing others as less than, we must see them as being in different stages of learning and growth, and having knowledge and experience in
different areas of learning. One may have great knowledge in one area,
and little in another. We see this commonly in what you call a genius.

They are often knowledgeable in science or mechanics, and have little social skills. They are no better, they simply have access to greater levels
of information and ability in one area or another. We are all spiritual
children, with different levels of spiritual knowledge and experience,
and we are all of equal value and equal potential.

I am no better and no more important than any other, I simply have a large amount of knowledge and experience to share in certain areas,
just as you have in other areas. We are all both students and teachers,
focusing on specific areas of learning and growth, and teaching others
either directly or by example ways and principles that either hinder or

Those who assign value to the individual instead of to knowledge and wisdom, and establish competition instead of cooperation and growth, you must choose wisely how to deal with.
Accepting their ways is often a hindrance and not a benefit, and much
of what you have been taught is based on these detrimental belief
systems which act like viruses in the mind disrupting your life and
hindering your growth. These are the belief systems that have created
the suffering you now experience, and must be replaced if you wish to
create a more enjoyable and beneficial life and world.

Now that you have a better understanding of who I am and what qualifies me to discuss these topics, I will now share my perspective, knowledge and
experience for your learning and growth. Please read slowly and
carefully to enhance your learning and avoid misunderstanding. Read
with an open mind and heart, and let your soul point you to conflicts
between what I share and what you believe. These you must carefully
analyze and decide for yourself what is beneficial for you to believe
and live by, which is best proven through application.

Remember that what is beneficial for a child may become a hindrance for an adult, and the reverse is also true. A child must rely on its parents
when it does not know how to take care of its self, but this principle
may become a hindrance if he/she continues to expect to be taken care
of instead of learning to grow beyond that dependence.

Therefore, remember that there are different levels of beliefs and different levels of understanding appropriate to each level of learning and
existence. What I share may or may not be appropriate to you at this
time, and should therefore be disregarded without judgment if your soul
feels that this information is not appropriate for your life at this

However, be careful that it is not your mind or heart becoming upset, reactive or defensive that pulls away from what I share. We often don't like to hear the truth when it means that
we must be adults and take responsibility for our actions and our
lives, and admit that the way we have been living or thinking is
actually harmful instead of helpful. Hearing the truth is not always
pleasant. As a child, we did not enjoy finding out that our parents
deceived us into believing in Santa Clause and other false tales.

The reason for the apparent chaos, suffering and oppression in the world is not what we have been taught to believe that it is. Much of what we
have been taught were lies, and no matter how painful it may seem, we
must uncover the truth if we are to free ourselves and learn the
principles of living a happy and fulfilling life.

You must remember: it is estimated that less than ten percent of the population makes the amount of money, lives the life of freedom, and
achieves the kind of happiness and peace they desire. That means that
most of the world is living in lack, limitation and suffering every
single day. Now, we are all trying to do our best with what we have and
what we know, are we not?

If this is true, then we must not have been taught how to create the life we desire, and were instead taught many principles that have lead us in the wrong
direction. Therefore, in order to create a better life and world for
ourselves, we must not only learn the right principles and actions, but
we must also remove what has lead us down the wrong path in the first

This is what I have spent my life doing, and I have learned to create and recreate many times a better life for myself. These are the secrets that I share with you, so be very careful
not to be too quick to determine what is of benefit to you and what is
hindering you. Dig deeply and consider long what I share, what you
believe, and what you have been taught. Take the time to be absolutely
sure what is true before you throw out what does not benefit you, or
you may miss the gold hidden in the dirt.

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Comment by Christopher Ree on March 17, 2010 at 10:55pm
A retreat far away and a vow of silence for 10 years would do you a world of good. LL&L, Christopher Ree
Comment by Christopher Allen Moeller on March 18, 2010 at 4:13pm
Again with the waste of time? Must you disappoint me further? We don't have ten years, we don't even have five! Graduation is now, stop wasting time talking at me and go help people.


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