Her name is Sarah, and she brought someone with her........

I found that my spirit guide is named sarah. And about two mornings ago, she brought someone with her.

I was in the shower about two mornings ago, when I got this feeling. I looked behind me and saw a guy with alarming blue eyes staring back at me somewhat eagerly. He was tan with dirty blonde hair and alarming blue eyes. He was about my age and height. While I was in the shower, he appeared about twice behind me. I said something like "go away!" or "get out!" and "No!". He was at least half naked. I finished my shower, dried off, wrapped the towel around me, and walked to my bedroom nextdoor. My spirit guide, Sarah, came walking/dashing around the corner from the stairs with the guy.

Sarah was dark-haired, european tan, and in a white gown. I then said "No! Go away! Leave me alone!" and then "Stay away from me! Leave me alone!". I was scared, alarmed.

Then I walked into my room thinking nothing more until later that night when I talked and confirmed everything with my friend. I got and understood the guy's purpose. I somehow knew how he died. He supposedly drowned while sleeping in the bathtub. Then I sensed the name "Connor."

My friend is also psychic and has abilities much stronger than mine. But, he was able to help me to confirm and find the facts of how he might have died...

I don't feel that I lied this time...I feel a little more comforted and truthful in what I experienced this time...

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Comment by Evanna on September 6, 2010 at 5:10pm
I think that this is an amazing story, you obviously have the ability to find the truths of not only your life, but of others, I don't think you should ever have to feel like you've lied. You just have to be confident in your abilities and trust yourself.


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