I am revisiting tourmaline this week. This is due to my attending the Tomoka Gem & Mineral Show at the Volusia County Fairgrounds this weekend. As usual, I cruised each and every booth and I must say this gem show is one of the best for its size, with high quality gems and minerals at good prices. In my foray throughout the show, one piece caught my eye in particular, a piece of brilliantly green tourmaline imbedded in a chunk of quartz crystal! This tourmaline is of gem quality with bands of black up and down its length. It cost me all of $8.00! Tourmaline is an amazing stone. It's properties are diverse depending on the color. This show is held every year in the middle of January. If you ever find yourself in Central Florida at that time of year, plan on visiting this gem show. Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

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