Ive been having alot of negative energy in my life lately. Usually  negative energy is caused by negative situations or positive situations taken negatively. I've been having that in my life for many years and iv'e just gotten used to it. But i learned that its really not healthy to get used to that much negative energy. Most of the time i realize that its me causing it and it brings big ammounts of negative energy considering my consicuinces. So i have been working really hard to change that negative energy into positive energy. Im still learning about all the kinds of energy in the world. All i can tell you about is nature energy and positive and negative energy and the way that it can affect us as humans. Please  comment if you want to say something or if you disagree with anything or if you have any questions! :)

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Comment by taushin on September 15, 2011 at 9:13am

Ann, if you can find any information on natural laws,  those laws have a lot of effect upon the energy that we produce and that we are sensitive too.  one of the better known spiritual laws is the law of attraction, like attachs like.  if you are sensitive to negative energy and feel you produce that energy in your life, yes you are right you are the only one who can make those changes to a more positive attitude.  by putting out that you only desire the highest and best of all things to come into your energy vibration and in the same turn only transmitting back out into the world your own highest and best.  slowly the change begins like a pebble rolling down a hill before you know it you have a landslide.

one of the principles of spiritualism is that you, the individual is responsible for your own actions and happiness, you can shift the blame onto others, we have to face up the responsibly of our lives of our decision and the reaction and out come of those decision, and try to always have a positive spin on things, acknowledge a bad situation but the out come will be better than the appearance.  best of luck and fortune with this turn around


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