Blank page sit here with only my thoughts,,
sit quietly, clear my mind, feel the emotion, just let this flow,

Its a dawn of a new day, the energy is filled in the air in a magical way! I hear sounds of glory as the angels sing, washing away, all the earths sin. Peace and glory, life's true story, let it unfold as it was meant to be told. The sun is shining, smiling at all of thee, for all it wants is happiness eternally.

A dawn of a new day has come with words of encouragement to guide us along our way! Telling us not to worry all will be okay! "Follow my rays of guided light and I promise you the best from life! Trust in yourself for I am in thee, just close your eyes and you will see. Let me guide you along your way, I assure you my path will not stray. I will lead you to the dawn of a new day".

Taking the step forward, shed away insecurities, one step in front of the other starting to feel the purity. "Feel the love that is in all, don't get discouraged if you fall. I will give you my golden light and pick you back up fill you with might! For when you have come to see the light all is possible in this life!" Love and be loved, feeling complete, starting to see what is meant to be! So,,,

With the dawn of a new day the sun is rising in a glorious way, shinning its warm embraces across our faces,
putting love in all the right places. Explore the glory, breathe it in, let your mind be free, allow your thoughts to spin! Seeming to start believing in a new way, enjoying the dawn of this new day!

Wrote By: Krystal L May

December 1, 2009

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Comment by Teresa Crane on December 1, 2009 at 7:23pm
When we walk in Truth
When we walk in Light
We know the Truth
Of what is Right
We live our Life
As it should Be
Becoming One
In ecstacy
Delight in Truth
Rejoice in it
For this is how
True Life we get!
***Your poem is filled with Joy, Krystal! Thank you for sharing. ~T
Comment by Krystal Lyne MaY on December 1, 2009 at 7:26pm
You are very welcome! Thank you! Yours is very pretty to! I love poetry!
Comment by Shonda Causey on December 2, 2009 at 7:50am
Thank you Krystal for sharing your poetry in this venue. Your poetry has always been so powerful and poingnant. I love you and thanks again.


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