Book for Teens~ Teen Psychic: Exploring Your Intuitive Spiritual Powers by Julie Tallard Johnson

I saw this book in the library yesterday and thought I would post the description. I haven't read it myself, but when searching online about it I found one teen who said their life coach had recommended it.

Summary: Discusses how teenagers can develop their own intuitive powers and apply those powers to their personal spiritual journeys. Includes quizzes, exercises, meditations, and other related activities.I think this sounds pretty practical, don't you think?

Contents: A desire for light : claiming your intuitive powers -- Awakening your rainbow body -- The chakras : your seven centers of power -- Independence : spiritual empowerment -- Psychic protection : self-defense for your soul -- Anything is possible : your creative power -- The path of the visionary : activating your psychic visions -- The path with heart : emotional wisdom -- Not the end, but the beginning : wisdom for the road.This all sounds good to me. I will check it out when I finish the several books I am working through for myself and let you know what I think. Oddly enough, as I was perusing the internet, I saw a link dedicated to this book and Deepak Chopra's Fire in the Heart. It was from a Christian perspective and was titled Dangerous Spirituality for Teens. Ah well. Should I be concerned about touting this book then?


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