So i've relized that my dreams usually come from my sub consious if they already happened to me or someone else in the past. But when my dreams are really clear and colorful, it happens the next day or is really close to what happened in my dream.

My mom told me the colors of feelings which is blue(peace), Red(fear), Orange(Anger), Green(healing), and yellow(understanding). So usually you will see those main colors in your dreams. If it is something like purple or black in your dream then you are having a mixed emotion.

Having a dream about an American Indian with the Apache heritage helps me to realize what is going on around me. So for example, if I was treating the nature badly, the negative energy would come to my dream and the American Indian would tell me to treat it with more respect. It would probably come more differently depending on whats going on and who you are. It wouldnt have to be an American Indian either, it could come in a totally different way like someone tearing trees out of the ground.


I still have alot to learn as a 14 year old and my mom is very good with spiritual things so she's here to help me with my abilities.

I thank my mom for helping me with it, and if im wrong on anything you may correct me.


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