89--Reading, desks, and just a lot of who cares stuff ;o)

Wow. There are days it's easy to come up with an idea and days like today when I haven't got a clue what to write. I just bought Julie and Julia to read this week for my book club (geez, I hope I finish in time!) I doubt she made blogging a difficult thing.

It dawns on me as I write that that what I am doing is the same thing I started to do when I was trying to journal--I was so concerned about legibility and it being 'really cool' and filled with 'deep thoughts' so "One day, when I'm dead and gone, people will say...'My wasn't she wise and amazing?'" and it flabbergasts me I am so vain! Yet, it's the truth, I DO want to come across with some sense and some sense of style and ability, if not some wise 'take home' from what I write. Oh gaud, that IS sad. And awful. But there ya go. *smile*

I bought myself a roll top desk recently. Half off at Goodwill, so you know I got it pretty cheap! Then last weekend I found a shelf at a garage sale while I was out on my daily hour walk. It matches, though it is better quality, and they were asking only $5 less than the desk cost me, so I asked if they'd take less and they said, "$10" before I had the guts to say $8, so I took the $5 off and it now sits beside my desk, filled with books like All Women Are Psychic (there's a great story in the timing of its arrival), Soul Choices and Lost and Philosophy, about the TV show Lost. I love that show. Behind my computer on my desk is where I keep my name books and Tarot stuff. So far, anyway. It's still a mess on here, and I've only had the desk a few weeks. It really doesn't take me long to mess things up. I get distracted easily, I guess. An older woman told me years and years ago that 'interesting people don't have tidy houses.' Thank God for her! I must be SO interesting! ha ha ha !!!

I need to get back to my J&J book, so I will quickly tell you about 2 books in particular and my ordering of them online and their timing in getting to me. The first was the All Women Are Psychics. I don't like ordering online. It bugs me a little. I haven't quite figured out if it's an 'oowee' thing or just my own discomfort. But this was my first attempt where I went all the way through with buying (before chickening out). They said it would be a certain number of days and as the weeks went by, I called to check on its status and the guy who answered got cute and said, "Well, if all women are psychic, when do YOU think it will be there?" I thought about it for a minute, then said, "I predict it will be here tomorrow afternoon." I didn't have a clue. I was just being silly. This was actually my second call, as it had been over a month and they had had to send out another copy, supposedly (meaning, had they even sent the first one? Who knows. It's lost out there still if they did. Anyway...) The next afternoon the book was here. He had asked me to call and verify, so it was fun to remind him.

The second 'coincidence' (there is no word in Hebrew for coincidence, BTW) was with a book I had fallen in love with at a metaphysical shop when I was still trying to convince myself I was maybe psychic and 'metaphysical'. *grin* It cost $25 and I really thought about it the first time. Later I wished I'd just gone ahead and gotten it, but when I went back (much, much later--AGES later) they didn't have a copy. I came home and on my home page I had won a $ gift from Amazon and I found the book for a really (indecently) cheap price--to the point that with the book AND the S&H I only had to come up with $1.99 and I couldn't believe the universe had handed me that book so easily when I had finally decided I needed and wanted it. The best part was a friend called and told me she was bringing $100 over to give me to read her cards. I was flabbergasted. And I was hoping with all my might that book would arrive in time for me, even though I had plenty of other sources for knowing what the cards meant. You won't believe this, but the book arrived FIVE MINUTES before she drove up! Cool, huh? Anyway, we spent all afternoon doing her cards and she made me take the $, in spite of my objections. It was a great reading and that book was part of the key. I even wrote the author and thanked her. She is such a sweetie. We've had some great conversations since.

Anyway, guess I just wrote a 'real' blog, and not a 'teaching'. Whew! That was kinda fun. So, until next time, I am,

Teresa (who else would I be? tee hee) BTW I noticed this was saying only I could comment on my blogs. How dumb is that? So if you had something you wanted to say, now you can. I think I fixed it. FYI

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