Reshiyth, the part of the first word of the Bible/Torah (in Hebrew) that means, "The Beginning," has a gematria (Hebraic numeric value) of 911 !!!! 911, the beginning... (which adds to 11, which is half the 11:11 phenomenon, which has to do with beginning, as in beginning of awareness, waking up). It is a master number, which you probably already know means anarchy or the Aquarian Age.

Just thought I'd share that with you this evening.

As an afterthought, the beautiful balance of that (if it seems a little fearful) is that the first whole word, b'reshiyth (meaning "In the beginning") is therefore valued at 913 which adds up to 13 (9+1+3) which is the value of the words echad/unity and ahava/love. So, in the beginning, creation was about love and unity. Now that's pretty cool, huh?


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