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Anger Management

What do you do when you’re ready to explode?

I am a hot-tempered French Canadian, so when I discovered that my wee boy, even at 2 years old, had a terrible temper, I was really at a loss. Getting upset with him just seemed to make him more powerful… anger begets more anger…. Fortunately, I was given some very good advice early on… his pediatrician suggested that as long as he wasn’t hurting himself or anyone else,…


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Hurtful Words Are Not Forgotten

it takes 1000 attaboys to make up for one moment of meanness
Words have power - the power to uplift, or the power to destroy... today I am talking about those mean, hurtful words that can take us down, sometimes in terrible ways. I've recently had a number of clients who were dealing with words that just couldn't be forgotten or overlooked. Their pain inspired me to issue this reminder.

While it might be OK for children to call each… Continue

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Reincarnation FAQs

Remembering something of your past lives is easier and more common than we might think. Old soul memories will trigger reactions in present time… past life experiences can explain a lot about what is happening in our lives, like why certain relationship are especially easy or difficult or why we react to certain sounds or smells or locations. As more and more of us open to the idea of…

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Who Do We See When We Die?

Our spirit guides and guardian angels, the souls of our ancestors, friends and family make a point of appearing for the special occasions in our lives…. and one of the most important times they will come to us is when we die….

The first time I saw who we see when we die was when a dear aunt was dieing. I was driving home from the hospital a week or so before she passed, praying and working the…


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Embracing the Age of the Crone

The crone is a stock character in folklore and fairy tale, an old woman who is usually disagreeable, malicious, or sinister in manner, often with magical or supernatural associations that can make her either helpful or obstructing. She is marginalized by her exclusion from the reproductive cycle,[1] and her proximity to death places her in contact with occult wisdom. As a character type, the crone shares characteristics with the hag.…


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Power Up With Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is one of the very practical rituals that I try to honour ever year… the operative word in that sentence is “try”… in the end, trying doesn’t get you there… but this year, through a number of fortunate circumstances, my home is getting a pretty thorough Spring Cleaning, and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me!

The happiness began when my son and I each received tax refunds and at the same time were awarded a small home improvement grant for…


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Choosing Lucky Numbers

As psychics we are often asked for winning numbers... but if it were that easy to choose "lucky" numbers, the lotteries would be out of business. Whether you're lucky or not is a reflection of your attitude and approach to life - and whether or not you really believe you can be lucky. If you have some old childhood beliefs, for example, about not being worthy, or not having enough, or not being good at handling money, it can be very difficult to win anything, let alone a major… Continue

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Developing Psychic Ability

If I am psychic, how do I start using my abilities?

Being psychic is not just about foretelling the future – being psychic is more about being able to read energy, and to move between the dimensions of time and space… being…


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Am I Psychic

How do I know if I am psychic?

All of us have some psychic ability – it is imbedded in our genetic structures – a built in protection mechanism. In the early stages of our development as a species, we relied on our instincts, our intuitive connection with nature, not only to alert us to danger, but also to help us find food and water. Through the centuries,…


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Reading Relationship

be willing to notice the signs that indicate whether this connection can grow into a loving partnership - or is simply a warm and inspiring friendship



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When Surrender is Not an Option

Surrender, as a spiritual principle, teaches us to yield to a Higher Power, to give oneself up to the power of the present. I have often suggested to clients that they needed to surrender to what IS... for example, if their partner wants out of the relationship, let them go, accept that things have changed so you too can move on in life. If the economy is dragging your business down, don't try to expand, surrender to what is, tighten your belt, improve your service, work your client base and…


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Dead Birds, Dead Fish: What Does it All Mean?

My friend Paul Dale Roberts posted an interesting article about what's been happening at http://forums.jazmaonline.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2603 - but he doesn't come to any conclusions... I am wondering if any of you have some thoughts on why this happened, how... please drop me a note at danielle@globalpsychics.com of you have any ideas you are interested in sharing or post…


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I Resolve, On Making New Year's Resolutions That Stick



New Year's Resolutions can set the course for positive change...

when you're committed... and courageous!




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Looking Ahead With Purpose

Why get an annual forecast?

Certainly the first answer is to be prepared... Whether you get a psychic reading, or a forecast based on the stars (astrology) or…


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Angels and Spirit Guides

Angels and Spirit Guides come in all shapes and sizes, and from many dimensions. The Angels keep us connected with our Source, and our Guides help us find the way back home...

all we have to do is ask....

There are legions of angels and guides ready and…


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Is There Life After Life?

And How Do We Prove it?

Death is inevitable on this plane; but psychics and mediums believe that death is about transformation, the death of an old life, a life that is rebirthed in a new form; so most

of us also believe in reincarnation But what happens…


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Spirit Says - Awaken

Spirits drop in unexpectedly for a lot of reasons… often just for a last good-bye, to let a loved one know they are…


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Is Magic Practical

“What magicians we all are, turning darkness into light, transforming invisible atoms into the dazzling theater of the world….” Jane Roberts, The Magical Approach

The word magic conjures up images of rabbits jumping out of hats and pretty ladies being sawn in half. Famous mystifiers and illusionists like Houdini and David Copperfield fascinate us with their sometimes shocking ability to trick the mind into…


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Passion Leads to Action...

The Passion Flower in my garden

Why Pursue Your Passion?

Passion, intense feeling, typically refers to something we thoroughly enjoy doing, something that excites us, gets us going in the morning. Passion is what drives us to…


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Midnight Goes to the Moon

A Story of Pet Reincarnation

Funny how things work out… for example, that I should find myself living and working as a psychic when I am a natural born sceptic. For me, being sceptical is just a matter of “using my head”, as my mother used to tell us, applying common sense, even to paranormal experiences. I move past my doubts and questioning when experience validates a paranormal event. My belief in the spirit world came only after several spirits asked me to deliver…


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