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Seven Ways To Grow Your Spirit, By A Modern Day Spiritualist, Laura Schwalm-Anthony

1) Spontaneity

Is there an area of your life in which you currently feel in a rut, bored, restless, down or monotonous?  Do you feel stifled or numbed by routine? Is this constricting or depleting your energy in some way?

Life can get stale and stagnant if you don’t give it room to breathe with occasional spontaneity.

Allow yourself to let loose a little, to let go of the reins of order and how things should be. Allow structure to soften, and let up on…


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Intuition the language of the Soul Otherwise Known As Your Spirit

Intuition otherwise known as the language of the spirit, if you are a empath you know exactly what I mean, and maybe not because you know it from reading or learning about it but because you have the gift of tactic knowing. But for the rest of you how may not know what I am talking about intuition is the way our higher self our spirit body speaks to us. Many times it is known the gut feeling.
When the lines of your intuition are able to communicate easily and freely we are working our…

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A incredible shift is about to take place

I believe it is my spirit that is off balance that is why I struggle with my emotions, Some psychics say i will become master over my emotions, i wonder before i finish the box of peanuts, which came after the ice cream bar but before the cookie with whipped cream. I find our behaviors and emotions so strange but genius .And better yet are cures and transformation's are full of magic and fantasy like and wonder!
I would be honored, if everyone in this club would one day be a part of my…

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