December 2011 Blog Posts (3)

Another Success!!!!

Yes, another success with this interdimensional therapy that I have been doing. Accept this time it was for me!!! I am so excited. I took Artemio's advice and found the seamless approach to getting this 2nd dimensional subconscience delimma that so many of us psychic folks endure. Let's see, I am sure of you remember, I was having discussions about the 2nd heaven level from some old texts that I had been studying for a long time. Thanks so much Artemio for getting those juices inside of my…


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Seven Ways To Grow Your Spirit, By A Modern Day Spiritualist, Laura Schwalm-Anthony

1) Spontaneity

Is there an area of your life in which you currently feel in a rut, bored, restless, down or monotonous?  Do you feel stifled or numbed by routine? Is this constricting or depleting your energy in some way?

Life can get stale and stagnant if you don’t give it room to breathe with occasional spontaneity.

Allow yourself to let loose a little, to let go of the reins of order and how things should be. Allow structure to soften, and let up on…


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Why am I here?

It took me some time to realize why I am here. I was a child born into philosophy. Being raised by those who had heritages and religions that on the mainstream thought processes had become dead or untouchable. My parents and grand parents taught me diligently every day of my life the old ways. I was really the only grandchild that sat at the feet of my grand parents taking in every word that they spoke to me. Honoring everything that they ever said or did. No matter how mundane the…


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