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Hi all, Selenite is like frozen, frosty light. It's lighter and seemingly more angelic than quartz. It can grow into gigantic crystals. Caves have been discoved in Mexico that are filled with 50 ft. plus crystals of selenite. It is a wonderful stone and will bring light to any one that has a piece of it. It is water soluable, so do not clear these crystals… Continue

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3 Days and Yes, I'm a Slacker ~ Thoughts on Blessing (as found in the Aaronic Blessing)

Okay, so I'm not faithful and committed or something. I realize I failed to keep up with my blogging all through the 100 day countdown to 2010. I had a few comments on my blogs, but actually, it was all friends who wrote to me via my email. And until they did, I honestly wondered if I might just be wasting space. And time.

Bah, humbug. Or maybe I mean waa (crying). Yeah, that's what I was going for.

So, ANYWAY! (One of my favorite words, it would appear) I was thinking… Continue

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Tiger Eye is a very attractive stone and it blends the energies of both the sun and the earth to make for a wonderful meditation stone. This stone allows one to roam the inner universe while remaining grounded in eathly reality. For those who have a tendency to be of a "spacey" nature (As most psychics tend to be!), this is the stone for you. It is readily availible… Continue

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What is the soul number vibration for you?

Within a numerological chart, the soul number is one of the most important numbers to be calculated from the vowels of your name. The soul number energy helps a person denitrify their heart’s desire. The vowel letters that are calculated to come to the single digit number that represents your heart’s desire is components and elements of your soul’s energy.

The vowels are: A, E, I, O, U and the sometimes Y.

The number representation of the vowels are: A=1, E=5, I=9, O=6, U=3 and… Continue

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Amethyst is one of the most popular stones on the market. It seems to be everyone's favorite, what with its rich purple color. It's a stone of calming and soothing energy. It is said to prevent intoxication and can be used by recovering alcoholics to assist them in fighting their addiction. Amethyst is readily available. Most of it comes from Brazil, where… Continue

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The Magical Castle

One day a group of kids went out to play and were taking a break on a tree, then one kid went climbing up to the top and got so amazed at what he saw beyond the trees he went to tell the others and lost balance for a few moments, then yelled to them to come see what he had found. Once they saw the castle they all were wandering if any one lived there so they all just went there different ways till unexpectedly they all bumped into each other at the castle so then they all just went up to the… Continue

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significance of the date 09-09-09?

What is the significance of the date 09-09-09?

Is there a hidden meaning in the significant way this number has been written? I am sure that in astrology that there is a special alignment occurring in the cosmos.

Are dates, like this one, that jump out at you because of the uniqueness of the sequences of the numbers? Do they have a special meaning?

Do they spell out a particular meaning for the general population of the world? Or just for the individuals that… Continue

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2012--Numeric Significance

Another thought on the number 2012 itself...when we add the numbers together, numerology style, we get 5. Five is the number of mercy in some thought. It is also the number of Regeneration!

Iamblichus said, "It is a frequent assertion of ours that the whole universe is manifestly completely and enclosed by the Decad, and seeded by the Monad, and it gains movement thanks to the Dyad and life thanks to the Pentad."

The Pentad (5) represents a new level of cosmic design: the… Continue

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Don't Know Much About 2012--But I Know What I Hope

2012. To be honest, it is all fairly 'new' to me. What I sense, for the most part, is just a coming to a more positive way of seeing things, a more positive way of 'being.'

I look at the prophecies--or more precisely, the translation and interpretation of prophecies--and they all read like headlines in the Enquirer: END OF THE WORLD PREDICTED TO BE BLOODY AFFAIR. APOCALYPSE NOW--WHO WILL SURVIVE?

Somehow I just don't like the idea of things always having to be so… Continue

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Zoisite seems to be very much in vogue these days and a lot of it is hitting the market. It is a stone transmutation. It transmutes negativiy into positive energy. It dispells laziness and indolence. The ruby inclusions in certain specimans of this stone enhance individuality without separating the individual from the continuity of humanity. It is a… Continue

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Dawn of a new day

Blank page sit here with only my thoughts,,

sit quietly, clear my mind, feel the emotion, just let this flow,

Its a dawn of a new day, the energy is filled in the air in a magical way! I hear sounds of glory as the angels sing, washing away, all the earths sin. Peace and glory, life's true story, let it unfold as it was meant to be told. The sun is shining, smiling at all of thee, for all it wants is happiness eternally.

A dawn of a new day has come with words… Continue

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